10 Diet Foods That Can Make You Fat, such as:

1. Juice and smoothie

When we measure the intake of daily calories, we often forget to pay attention to calories from fluids. Drinks that you consume throughout the day can lead to weight gain. Although the smoothie and juice can be considered to be the fruit of your daily intake, even if given sugar can add hundreds of extra calories to your daily intake.

Smoothies and juices contain more sugar but contains less fiber than whole fruit. Fresh fruit is much better.

2. Cereal bar

Many of us believe that a cereal bar is the perfect healthy snack and practical. However, the breakfast menu as it is mostly packed with sugar cane and corn syrup, not to mention the high fat content. In fact, even if they seem healthy, cereal bars contain lots of fat, sugar and calories as a bar of chocolate in general, and may cause blood sugar levels would increase appetite.

3. Dried fruit

As with the smoothie and juice, dried fruit has many beneficial properties and can increase your daily fruit intake. However, because the concentration of sugar that occurs when the fruit is dried, these foods also possess the calories and sugar content are high when compared with fresh fruit. Dried fruits also contain fiber and nutrients are lower.

In addition, many brands add sugar to dried fruits to improve flavor, which is about increasing calories.

4. Diet soda

We are switching to sugar-free versions of our favorite drinks to help stay slim, but the actual diet drinks can actually cause fat. Research carried Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio reveals, those who consumed diet drinks daily had increased waist circumference greater than 70 percent of those who did not drink at all. While previous research showed that the risk of obesity increased 41 percent for each drink consumed diet. Presumably this is because of artificial sweeteners lead to our appetite, and also can inhibit brain cells that make you feel full.

5. Salad

When eating out or buying food on the go, salad is generally presented as “healthy choices”. However, that fact is not always true. Although the salad containing vegetables and healthy ingredients, many salad using sweet spices and oily rich in fat and calories.
Lots of salads that contain unsaturated fats which can help with weight loss (as in avocados and olive oil), but also not always so. Avoid the bad calories by putting light dressing on your salad like cider vinegar, or do not use the sauce at all.

6. Soup

Although the soup can be a weight loss diet is perfect if presented properly, not all the soup into the diet category. In fact, many soups provide enough fat and calories, especially those containing dairy products such as cream or cheese. In addition, many soups are high in salt, which can cause bloating. To keep it lean and reduce the calories, try to buy (or better yet, to create your own)-based vegetable soup and contains no cream.

7. Sauce

Hummus (Arab typical food) is often regarded as a healthful food sauce. However, despite a healthy snack is nutritious, these foods also contain calories and fat from the raw material oil and tahini (a type of pasta). Other sauces to be aware of the pendiet is guacamole (avocado dip typical of Mexico) that contain calories, although it also contains nutrients and unsaturated fats. If you want to go on a diet, try a homemade tomato salsa contain nutritious ingredients and almost no fat.

8. Vegetable Chips

Many people think of vegetable chips as an alternative to the “healthy” compared to potato chips. However, although a few chips vegetables contain more fiber and fewer vitamins than potato chips, that fact does not always apply, and the difference is very small. Most of the vitamin that comes from fresh vegetables to be lost in the process of making chips. In addition, vegetables chips typically contain as much fat and calories contained by the potatoes and salt.

9. Popcorn

Popcorn is a nutritious snack, snack foods are high in fiber and good for diet. However, when added to the manufacture of butter, a delicious snack that is healthy to lose substance. Popcorn is sold in stores and in theaters contain high fat and calories because of the layers contains a lot of butter and / or sugar, and often served in large numbers.

In addition, because these snacks are perfect for watching TV and are often eaten in front of the screen, we tend to consume more than we want.

10. Granola

Granola is marketed as a healthy food, sold in health food stores and its shape also looks healthy, so it certainly is food for the granola diet, right? But granola unfortunately not included in the category of foods to the diet. Although granola is no doubt the food is nutritious and rich in fiber, granola also contain sugar and oil in bulk, which makes foods containing lots of fat and calories. To keep your waist circumference slenderness, try eating small meals granola or, preferably, replace it with a low fat cereal and sugar-free that will provide the same health benefits without the calories.


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