Stress is always there in every aspect of human life . However, the stress should not always be the enemy because stress can actually help out the best potential in you . How can it be ?

According to psychological Stephen Joseph , a professor at the University of Nottingham , one can manage stress and use it in a constructive way to experience tremendous personal growth . Positive stress can provide the impetus to complete the task before the deadline , do more reps in the gym , and also alertness .

Joseph explains , there are five situations that create stress in moderate amounts can have a positive effect for your life .

1 . Stress in the workplace
Want a stress-free life ? Then check ambition within you . According to the managing director of The Stress Institute Kathleen Hall , people who do not have a sense of stress in general is that people are not ambitious .
” Being stressed at work means you are earning . You work under deadlines and motivated to achieve higher positions and grab an opportunity . Trick , you need to focus on achieving your goals , ” he advised .

2 . Stress at home
When stressed , the body secretes the hormone cortisol to speed up the metabolism , according to a study from Stanford University . Long stress response can lead to health problems , but if it happens once in a while it will enhance the ability to remember , strengthen the immune system and activate the brain cells .

3 . Stress in competition
Competition often leads to stress . According to Hall , if you never stress , then you will never know your greatest potential . ” Stress in the competition will make you pull out your best potential to win it , ” He said .

4 . Stress at school
According to a study in Social Indicators Research , stress at school will provide benefits , one of which adds smart your brain . Students whose academic stress tend to perform better in the classroom .

5 . Stress in the gym
Study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research revealed that stress was positively associated with specific biological functions that help the body become stronger to do the exercises in the load . When the body was reaching its limit , the stress will spur adrenalin body that helps the discomfort .