lack of sleep

lack of sleep

Some people are able to think clearly at night until like staying up late. If the morning had to indulge, it addresses the lack of sleep and so sleepy or easily tired. Do not continue to take it, because lack of sleep for 2 hours alone can disrupt memory.

Most adults need to sleep for 8 hours per day to be optimal in the activity. Lack of sleep as much as 2 hours alone is enough to make it difficult brain stores memories. In other words, sleep for 6 hours is enough interfere with brain function.

“I think that needs to be understood in modern life is not a luxury bed. Slept really important for brain and brain functions so that you can actually remember and consolidate what happens throughout the day,” said the researcher, Ted Abel, as reported by the Daily mail, Wednesday (17/10/2012).

Abel and his team from the University of Pennsylvania to see how the rats were not sleeping then interrupted his memory. The mice were conditioned to stay awake during the time varies. The goal is to determine how much sleep to be sacrificed in order to be able to interfere with memory.

In the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience, Abel explained that animals that lack of sleep will be disturbed his memory. Even less sleep for a short amount of time alone can reduce the power of recall. In mice, a 3-hour or 20 percent of the hours of sleep a total of 24 hours has been very influential.

“For humans, time is equivalent to the reduced hours of sleep from 8 hours to 6 hours. Thing we often do all the time,” said Ted Abel.

In addition, Abel also explained that any information that is not stored due to lack of sleep will be lost forever. That is, sleep longer the next night to make memories that will not be lost again.


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