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Month: June 2011

Benefits of Betel Leaves for Treatment

Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf

Benefits of Daun Sirih – Sirih course, already not foreign anymore for those of you. This is because the betel plant is native to Indonesia, so it is quite easy to find in our neighborhood. Which is often used of these vines are situated on the leaves. Betel leaves quite a lot of benefits for treating various diseases. Indonesia ancient societies often make use of chewing betel leaf in a way and usually mixed with whiting or spices. They do this because the betel leaf is believed to strengthen and maintain dental health.In addition, according to several studies, many benefits to be gained betel leaves to treat some diseases and conditions such as:

1. Cough

Betel leaf can be as cough medicine. To use, prepare 15 pieces of betel leaf. Boil the remaining 3 cups water to drink with honey 3/4-nya later.

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7 Ways to Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking

If you’ve already read the article about the dangers of smoking, so this time will be covered on how to quit smoking. To unsubscribe from this bad habit is not easy, but not necessarily be. The following will explain some tips on how to quit smoking that may be useful to you, such as:

1. Inhale deeply and slowly out through the mouth.This is an effective way to prevent you when to smoke. Do this every time you want to smoke. You can do it three times once in a while. Take a deep breath in as much as you, hold briefly, then remove it slowly through the mouth. Actually this is a variation of yoga techniques, and is very soothing. By doing this process, that was your intention to quit smoking but lost by lust, will be strong again so that it can prevent your desire to smoke.

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