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Month: October 2011

Hair Loss and How to Overcome It

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that is quite troublesome for some people. Problems hair loss can be experienced by all people, either from types of venereal nor age. But for those of you who are experiencing this problem need not worry, because there are ways to overcome your hair loss.

Noteworthy is that not all the way to overcome hair loss are described, can be appropriate or applicable to everyone. Many factors that you should know that the cause of your hair loss.

Therefore, how to cope with hair loss were also varied, depending on the condition of each person. The factors that cause hair loss are as follows:

1. Bad habits in caring for the hair

Wearing a serrated comb meetings, often heating the hair with a flat iron, hot curling, and hair dryer.    Tying the hair too tight.     Continue reading

Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Lose Weight

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Many ways to lose weight and one of which is diet. Maybe from all of you ever go on a diet such as reducing the frequency of eating, stop eating foods you like and other things that often make yourself miserable could not even sleep due to hunger.

Actually, a healthy diet and lifestyle located on the right habits in consuming something. So, you keep a healthy diet without torturing yourself. How do I?

Enjoying the Food

Enjoy your food and try not to hurry in spending it. This is because people will tend to be fat if you eat fast fast. Continue reading

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