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Month: March 2012

Cinnamon Sweet and healthy



A fragrant aroma and distinctive taste that makes cinnamon is used as a complement to the cake or the drinks. In addition to fragrant and sweet, cinnamon also has the advantage of addressing grievances felt by the body’s health. Let’s get acquainted with these sweet spices.

Cinnamon comes from the Greek word meaning sweet wood. This plant is widely grown in Java. Included in the family Laureceae, cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum or scientific name), a tree has a maximum height of 9 meters with bark smooth gray. Continue reading

Optimistic Attitude Can Improve Health



The amount of pressure experienced by a person’s life that should make most people get frustrated. Some people in the face of heavy workloads have experienced job stress. Other problems such as natural disasters and the death of someone close can also be depressing and frustrating. Few people are able to avoid the pressures of daily life that can make people frustrated and pessimistic view. However, despite the difficulties and pressures of life, thinking optimistically, especially beneficial to health. What are the benefits? And how to foster an optimistic attitude?

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Overcoming Job Stress While Stacking

Feel very overwhelmed when I had to go to the office? Perhaps it is a problem for those of you who are currently working. Indeed, work is not fun. Often we feel our work is endless. One job is not finished, come back for another job. It was no time to rest, head feels full and imagined it was stressful.It can not be avoided. But remember that your health is paramount, because the mind is tense can damage your health.Instead you continue to feel depressed by this, you can perform the following tips in order to reduce the burden of thought.

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