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Month: April 2012

Keep the Heart of Hepatitis

HepatitisHepatitis is a disease that harm if not treated immediately. Disease that attacks the liver or liver is more dangerous because the symptoms are not always visible. Learn more about hepatitis can help you and people you care about from this disease. Continue reading

Identify Metals in Your Body

Inside Body

Inside Body

To perform its functions properly, our bodies need good nutrition. Substances that the body needs not only in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, or vitamins. Various metallic substances are also required to keep the body working properly. Any metal that the body needs? What does it do? How much the body needs?

Various metallic substance that the body include:

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Sugar Consumption In Balance

All Kind foods
Who does not like candy, chocolate, or cake? Most of us would love it. Sweet taste makes us more like him. However, sweet foods or sugar are often considered as an enemy of the body because of various things that can be generated. What are the dangers of consuming sugary foods? What about the proper way to enjoy sweet foods with balanced?

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