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Month: April 2014

Health Risks are Seldom Known to People as a Result of Smoking

No Smoking

No Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking can cause serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. Smoking can also cause impotence, as well as disorders of pregnancy and the fetus. It turns out that in addition to the cigarette still has a long list of health risks that are rarely known. Although they already know the risks, they are difficult to stop smoking, why ???. Hope by reading this article you are more familiar again with the risks that will arise.

Here are some of the adverse effects of smoking on the health of little-known people :
1 . Teeth
Smoking not only makes your teeth discoloration. Dentists Richard Guyver, author 4006 Live Another Days And Improve Your Health With Dental Medicine, said smoking increases the risk of disease, aka periodontal disease associated tissue supporting the teeth, and gum disease. “Smoking does not only make it become more severe disease, but also hide the early warning signs of the disease” said Richard dentist.

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To Prevent Disease, Is Healthful Foodstuffs Consumed Simultaneously

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

The body needs nutrients from outside the body because of prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals can not be produced by the body. The nutrients can be fruits, vegetables, and others. Natural food is more nutritious and contains antioxidants to prevent disease. For greater benefits, many nutrition experts recommend two healthy foods should be consumed simultaneously. But, the food needs to be combined with the right to support the body, the better the performance. What kind of food is good alloys, can be seen below:

1. Brown Rice, garlic, and shallots
Brown rice is known as a source of low glycemic index carbohydrates. A study conducted Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found levels of sulfur in garlic and red can increase the absorption of zinc and iron from a few grains to maintain metabolism and energy. Continue reading

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