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Month: August 2014

Foot Reflexology: Does it Work?

Foot reflexology is considered as one of the most famous therapies that you can find them almost everywhere. Although it doesn’t receive any scientific and medical approval of whether or not it really works in relieving diseases, but many people do really like it and consider foot massage as another recreational getaway. The reason behind this is simply because foot massage is really offering pleasure feeling and at some point it will allow anyone to get completely distracted from their stress and depression, which is nice.

A professional masseuse whom have already been through series training and education on the field understood how to treat your feet as well as giving you positive result to your health. Using their experience and training, the professional will give critical pressure point to any areas of the foot which believed to be effective in relieving chronic pains and prevent series health problems. Some people are sceptic though and consider it only a placebo effect. However, no matter what it is, either it’s a placebo or truly able to keep us healthier, as long as there is no risk of side effect on it then foot massage is still a pleasurable way to spend your time with.

If you want to get more information about foot reflexology and the debatable result it offered, you can try internet. There are hundreds of independent sources where you can do deeper research over foot reflexology, whether or not it works, and much more. Just be sure you entered a website with independent point of view to give you fair discussion on the topic and leave you unbiased. And despite of all the controversies around the therapy method, foot massage is still can be a good way to spend your time with. It may not give you healthier effect, but it also won’t leave you harmed and still you can enjoy the pleasure it gave.

Q & A with Radhika Khanna


Radhika Khanna

Radhika Khanna

Radhika Khanna is a fashion designer and philanthropist whose Rudrani brand, which includes ready-to-wear clothes, jewelry and incense, became an instant success for its concept of re-cycled clothing when it was launched in 2009. Known for its sophisticated and accessible style, the brand is now available in more than 50 boutiques across the country (and in Rome, London, and Tokyo).
Khanna has battled with Lupus, now she has become a vocal advocate for Lupus research and advocacy. Here she answers questions about her personal commitment.

Most readers will no doubt know you as founder of your fashion companies. But they may not know your role as a passionate advocate and writer of yoga book. Can you describe how you became involved in Lupus advocacy and why it remains a priority for you now?

Lupus has affected the lives of many people around the globe, especially women. For me, it’s personal—I lost 4 years of my own life being affected by it. There is no cure for Lupus and I have done my own holistic research to keep it in remission. When I came back to Manhattan I saw women and men making same mistakes as I did. Having a busy life and following your dreams should always be balanced with healthy lifestyle. That’s why I wrote the book “Yoga for working professionals”

As a working woman, health care-taker and philanthropist, your plate must be overflowing. How do you choose the advocacy efforts with which to become involved?

I am most involved with those that are personal to me, including Lupus advocacy, the latter of which is the focus of my company.

Which lupus-related organizations are you currently working with, and are there any areas within lupus care or research that you’re particularly drawn to as an advocate?

I am very involved with “ Lupus foundation of America “, whose commitment to its research is extraordinary and inspiring. They are so focused on improving the lives of those receiving lupus treatment by medicines and holistically, and I am proud to support them.

What inspires you most as an advocate?

Creating change. There is no greater feeling than making a difference in someone’s life and seeing the positive impact your efforts have made. It heals you eventually as well.

Drinking a cup of coffee can boost memory



There is good news for coffee lovers, because the habit of drinking coffee in small amounts can help boost brain power to sharpen memory.

A study in the USA showed that consuming caffeinated beverages can boost memory. However, both these effects can only be felt after 24 hours after eating the coffee according to research led by Michael Yassa, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences University of Johns Hopkins, Maryland.

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EachBuyer for Extensive Natural Wigs Selections

Natural Wigs 1

Finding natural wigs with premium quality isn’t an easy task for many of us. Due to the fact that not every beauty shop in our local area is providing these wigs, things can be really complicated for many wig hunters out there. As an alternative solution to it, we can actually try the online market. With tons of active stores are accessible online today, this gives us better opportunity to find what we exactly needed, from the comfort of our sofa. You don’t have to leave your computer screen since many online stores like EachBuyer out there will be able to accommodate all your need, including about natural wig selections.

Natural wigs 2

As one of the most popular online shopping portal sites, EachBuyer has always able to fulfill all their customers’ expectations, and even to exceed it. And when it comes about natural wigs, the site has more than enough collections of it available inside, ranging of any types and models. Whether you need blond wigs, black, or even ginger, with wide variations of length, styles, and models, you can find all of it at EachBuyer dot com. And what makes Each Buyer is outstanding compared to others is simply because the site has always able to give better deals and pricing on every item provided inside. As the result, more and more people consider visiting EachBuyer whenever they have a chance to it.

Natural wigs 3

Aside of the extensive collections of natural wigs provided, the site has also incredible options of other products for you to explore, including hair treatment sets, hair accessories, and various other hair products. We all know that natural wigs require some treatment and care in order to keep it last longer, and here you can find almost everything to keep your wigs at its best performance. So, now you know where to go for those high quality natural wigs, right?

Starting an Alternative Health Business? How to Find the Tools You Need

Alternative health and medicine is more popular than it has ever been, and more and more people are seeking help when Western remedies just aren’t enough. However, setting up an alternative health or medicine business can be a little confusing, even if you have all the skills you need. After all, it’s the stuff like buying the supplies that can be tricky. Use this guide to help you find all the tools you need to start your business the right way and put you on the path to success and your clients on the road to healing. 

1. Consider buying used massage tables or table de massage if you need a fairly large amount. Gently used massage tables can save you quite a bit of money. If you only need one or two, buy new from a reputable dealer in your area. 

2. Look for a supplier in your area that sells specialized items to businesses in your field. Companies like Lierre acupuncture supplies deal exclusively with businesses setting up the way you area. You’ll be able to ask questions and work with somebody who understands your company and needs. 

3. Place regular orders for supplies that you’re going to need to use often. Things like acupuncture needles, cleaning supplies and even aromatherapy oils can be ordered in advance and sent weekly, bi-monthly or even monthly. That way you won’t run out of things you need and have to turn down business when you’re just getting started. 

Can be chewed or rubbed, Fruit and Vegetable It Can Whitening Teeth

Fruit & vegetables

Fruit & vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are certainly healthy food and can affect the beauty of our teeth. For those of you who want to get attractive smile with bright white teeth, try to eat some fruit and vegetables following:

1. Almond
Chewing almonds can fade plaque and stains from the surface of your teeth. Almonds contain protein, healthy fats and are able to help you get a white smile.

2 Strawberry
This fruit contains a natural acid that can help brighten the color of teeth. Try to pound strawberries, then rub it on your teeth. Wait 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

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