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Month: April 2015

Best sports Burn Calories

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If you want to burn calories quickly and much, then this exercise need to be done more frequently every day:

1. Aerobics
Aerobic exercise is very good for burning fat and shape the body. Aerobics is also very fun to do and can improve mood. Once the intensive aerobic exercise can burn up to 800 calories.

2. Swim
You do not need to sunbathe outdoors and sweating when swimming. Swim intensively for one hour can burn up 700 calories. Do not forget to drink lots of water to keep the body avoid dehydration.

3. Run
The easiest sport requires endurance at the same time this is tricky because if you are not familiar can be very tiring. This cardio  exercise can burn up to 600 calories for 1 hour.

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Dental Care and Oral Health by True

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You would prefer to see someone who smiles rather than someone who is grim. A smile is an attraction that can make a person grow sweet and approachable. When someone smiles, the part that will be visible is the teeth, it is important to maintain health to keep white teeth, the teeth are not perforated and neat. In addition to taking care of your teeth, do not forget to maintain the health of the mouth and tongue so as not to cause bad breath.

What needs to be done to maintain oral health? Here are tips on caring for your teeth and mouth to keep it healthy and beautiful:

1. Select Dental Floss, Avoid Toothpick
Finished a meal, usually there are some foods that inhabit crevices of teeth. This situation can be annoying and if left too long can lead to tooth decay. To remove, use dental floss (dental floss) rather than using a toothpick. Dental floss will minimize friction and collision of the teeth and gums. Instead use a toothpick allows the gear shift and injure the gums, making the gums bleeding and infection. Continue reading

Advantages Detection of Cervical Cancer

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Cervical cancer is one of the most common type of cancer in women after breast cancer. Not the same as other types of cancer, cervical cancer has a hidden symptoms that are difficult to detect. So early detection is very important.

Here are the advantages of doing a cervical cancer early detection as follows :

1. Curable
With early detection, the potential of this disease can be known at an early stage. So you also have a lot of time and options for treatment of cervical cancer. One is the regular Pap smears that will make your illness can be cured.

2. Early treatment
With early detection Similarly, treatment can make the seeds of cancer do not develop into cancer. While when it becomes cancerous, it takes time and other more severe treatment and the possibility of a cure will be more difficult.

3. Avoid complications
If it has been developed into cancer, cervical cancer usually able to cause complications of other diseases. As a result of this disease will become more severe. Treatment will also be more difficult.

4. Prevent invasion
Cervical cancer is able to invade vital organs such as the lungs, liver, and bone. However, early detection of cancer can save you from this condition.

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5 Causes of Kidney Disorders

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Mostly, cases of progressive kidney damage is also accompanied with other chronic diseases in the long run. In the medical world, it is often the case, and they call it the case of complications.

Here are five cases of chronic disease that causes kidney failure should be aware.

1. Diabetes
Patients with chronic renal failure is usually accompanied with a history of diabetes 1 and 2. If the patient’s diabetes is not well controlled, it is more likely to have an excess of sugar (glucose) which will accumulate in the blood, so it can eventually damage the glomeruli. Meanwhile, the risk of chronic renal failure was higher among patients with type 1 diabetes doctor said, approximately 20 percent to 40 percent of patients with type 1 diabetes is developing kidney disease by the time they are 50 years old.

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5 Chemicals Clogging Vein!

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Exposure to chemical substances around us have a mild impact on health. One is led to blockage of blood vessels.
Know what chemicals should be avoided.

1. Food cans and plastic
In the product contained a substance called bisphenol-A (BPA). This substance is often referred to as a hormone disruptor for damaging healthy hormone function. BPA also mimic the effects of estrogen, increases the risk of prostate and breast cancer, and obesity. Which has not been known, BPA can also increase the risk of heart disease. One of the studies have linked high levels of BPA in the blood with an increased risk of plaque buildup which if broken could lead to a sudden heart attack and this often becomes fatal.Untuk avoid this contamination, you can buy cans of food or water bottles are marked with the label “BPA- free “. Another thing to do is to not touch the receipt is printed on thermal paper.

2. Body care products
Beware of Phthalates in body care products. These chemicals can also disrupt hormonal causes the production of a low sperm count, birth defects, obesity, and diabetes. The content of phthalates in the blood can increase the risk of blockage in the arteries. Recent studies have also connects between hypertension in children with phthalate content in the blood. More than 50 medical papers also connect phthalates with cardiovascular problems. This contamination can be prevented by avoiding the use of pungent fragrance lotions and other personal care products.

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Some Benefits of Managed Stress With Both


Humans certainly sometimes face pressure that makes so stressed. It is inevitable and unavoidable.

However, not to worry, stress can be controlled can have a positive impact over the body providing resistance to stress.

Manage your stress well and get the following benefits such as:

1. Stimulate the brain’s ability

No need to worry if the stress is still at relatively low levels. Because it can actually stimulate the production of brain chemicals called neurotrophins, and improve the network between neurons in the brain. When stress can be the main mechanism used to improve the productivity and concentration exercises.

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The Right Choice for Your Career

Are you at a stage of your life where you are trying to figure out what your career path will be? Do you currently have a career and are not happy with the way it is going? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might want to give some serious consideration to becoming a barber. This is a job that has many benefits and could provide you with a very stable income. If you need some further convincing, here are some reasons why becoming a barber is a good career choice.

1. There is always a demand for skilled barbers.

As long as men have hair and beards, there will always be a demand for skilled barbers. This is true no matter what part of the world you live in. Barbering is a trade that all communities need. When you choose a career, you should choose one that will not be rendered obsolete any time soon. Barbering certainly falls into that category.

2. You do not need a college degree.

Many jobs require you to spend four or six years of your life going to college before you start earning money. While you will obviously need to go to school and receive training to become a barber, your schooling will not take anywhere close to four years. Since barber school will not take a long time to finish, you can get started earning money very soon.

3. There are many career opportunities for barbers.

Unlike many jobs that are dead ends and offer no room for advancement, there are many directions you can choose to take once you acquire your barber’s license. You can open your own barber shop, you can go to work for someone else or you can work with professional models to help them prepare for photo shoots and runway shows. Whatever you decide to do, you will definitely not have a shortage of choices.

4. You can teach others to be a barber.

Once you have developed a lot of experience, there is another career path you can try. Barber schools are always on the lookout for skilled instructors to teach their students. If you enjoy working with people and teaching them all of the tricks of the trade, a career as a barbering instructor might be for you. However, as mentioned earlier, most barbering schools do not hire instructors unless they have several years experience.

When Substitution season, Beware of Influenza



Entering the transition seasons, influenza virus continues to spread in several parts of the world That interfere with daily activities resulting in lower productivity of patients. Although the spread of the virus continues to occur, it is judged not to cause significant adverse impacts on health.

It was not like the country with four seasons, especially in Europe. In fact, the same dominant influenza virus subtype in the world, namely influenza A (H1N1pdm09), influenza A (H3N2), and influenza B.

Entering the winter, these countries face an increase in the incidence of influenza. Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO) noted, cases of influenza in 29 European countries increased. Every year, the epidemic originated from France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and England. The countries were also reported flu-related deaths, especially the elderly. Influenza is an acute viral infection that attacks the upper respiratory system.

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