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Month: June 2015

Lychee Fruit Benefits To Health

Manfaat Buah Leci Untuk Kesehatan

Who would not like the lychee fruit? Fruit with bright red skin color and flesh of the fruit is super sweet, it is certain that most people like the fruit of this one. Besides having a super sweet flavor and tempting, lychees believed to have many outstanding benefits for health and beauty. Lychee is rich in this mineral, said to be very good to help maintain the health of a person is always in a state of maximum.

Here are some tremendous benefits for health lychee:

  • Lowering Cancer Risk
    Cancer is a disease of the most dangerous and feared by many people. Risk of cancer itself can affect anyone, anytime and anywhere. So that we avoid the risk of cancer, it would be nice if we eat lychees. Lychees is one of the fruits that contain flavonoids which is a very good thing for the fight against cancer cells or other dangerous diseases in the body. In addition to flavonoids, lychees also contains quercitin and kaempferol are potent cancer-causing kill the bad cells.
  • Keeping Healthy Digestion
    Lychees is one fruit that has astringent properties where these properties are able to maintain digestive health of a person. Not only maintaining, astringent even believed to aid digestion cleanse harmful toxins cause abdominal pain and other problems.

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Skin Cancer Facts

skin cancer

Skin cancer is one type of cancer that is quite a lot of casualties. Various prevention has been widely disseminated. Among these are the diligent use of sunscreen, diligently checking black stains that may appear on the skin, and wear a wide-brimmed hat if the sun was scorching-hot. Various studies conducted to date, revealing new facts, which you may not know.

The following is the full explanation, as follows:

  • Curry and Caffeine Can Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer
    You’re lucky if you like to drink coffee and eat curry, as both can help protect your skin. One study found that people who drink a lot of coffee, have a lower risk to the growth of carcinoma cells, a type of skin cancer. And turmeric, one of the materials used in curry, contains, an antioxidant compound that has anti-cancer effect, so as to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer and breast cancer.
  • SPF 100 Not 100%
    Sunscreen with SPF 100 actually can not 100% protect your skin from causing skin cancer. A maximum of only 98%, if used correctly. Sunscreen with SPF above 30 can protect your skin for about 95% of the causes of skin cancer. Even then, if you reuse once every 2 hours.

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Tips to Overcome Back Pain

mengatasi sakit pinggang

Many people who complain of pain or back pain due to too much sitting or too much bending or so. Pain or back pain can indeed happen and would greatly interfere with daily activities.

A great many causes of back pain and if you are one of them who frequently experience and want to avoid backache, follow these tips :

  • Limit bedtime
    Do not sleep too long. Time is the most healthy for about 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping too long can actually be the cause of back pain due to the weight of charged directly to the spine and can cause inflammation in the joints.

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The room AC Bad For Your Health

dampak buruk ac

Cool air is one of the advantages gained with the installation of air conditioning. Even so, there are some adverse effects of the use of air conditioning for the health of one’s body.

Here are 7 AC adverse effects to our health :

1. Decreased Lung Health

This is because, air-conditioned room can cause the temperature and humidity in the room changed abruptly. Both of these changes will affect the respiratory system of a person, especially the lungs.

2. Impact Bad For Skin Health

Skin texture becomes drier and reduced mucous membranes of the skin is some bad effects while in the air-conditioned rooms for too long. Continue reading

Cancer Symptoms Often Overlooked


Cancer is a deadly disease that is much feared by most people of the world. Most people assume that the early symptoms of cancer can not be detected clearly.

Recently a researcher says that the early symptoms of cancer is very likely experienced by someone. And even symptoms are often referred to as common diseases.

This is the fifth cancer symptoms are often overlooked because they are sick of the usual:

1. Lump in the Body

If you have a strange lump in the body, immediately went to the doctor and find out the lump. Lumps may be cancerous cells or tumors. Not a few people consider the lump that suddenly grow in the body is a common illness, but if not checked immediately could be lumps are cancer symptoms. Continue reading

Dealing with Genital Wart Disease

Sexual disease can appear in various different forms like syphilis, gonorrhea and others. Mostly they caused uncomfortable feeling that can potentially disturbs the sufferers’ daily activities. Genital Warts is also known as one of the diseases that transmitted by unhealthy sexual intercourse. The genital wart is caused by HPV or Human Pappiloma Virus and the main symptom of this disease is the redness and rashes on the skin surfaces more specifically in the areas between anus and genital areas. Usually at the beginning these rashes makes the skins itchy and as it get worsened due to the lack of treatment and attention, the rashes will then the skin can possibly bleed.

If you’re a person who really pays attentions to the health issues and you need to be aware of this kind of disease you’re encouraged to check where you can learn many things about Genital Warts disease. The site has plenty of articles and discussions mainly about warts disease, as well as also recommendations to the best medicines suit your problem. This website can be the best source of information to learn the main causes of genital warts, the symptoms and affects that may come with it. By knowing all these things, hopefully will give you hints and clues on how to prevent it or to overcome it when it already caught you at the moment.

At this website you can also gain information about the Wartrol which is known as the effective remedy to solve the genital wart before it gets even much worse. This product has proven to be able to set people free from the genital wart problems. Please kindly visit to get more detailed information about Wartrol ingredients and how it works to solve genital warts problems. The site also enables people to buy wartrol medicine via online for extra simplicity.

How to Read Health Of Urine Color

warna urine

Lots of ways to check the health of your body. Ranging from self-examination to examination at the hospital. But did you know that you are given a natural signal to be able to know your health through urine color? One of science in saying, your urine may be a clear indicator of your overall health. People often vote with if your urine is clear, then you are healthy. However, urine color relationships and your health is not as simple as that.

Here is the meaning of the various color of your urine as follows:

  • Brown
    If your urine brown it might be because you consume nuts or side effects of drugs such as antibiotics. Worse, it could also be a sign that you are impaired liver or kidney disease.
  • Red or pink
    Urine red or pink it could mean was mixed with the blood. This can be caused by high impact sports that affect the bladder. This could be a sign of more serious diseases such as kidney stones and even cancer. But red urine may also be caused by eating foods rich in colors. Continue reading

Best Cycling Sports Morning Diabetics And Prevent Osteoporosis

manfaat bersepeda pagi

Do not like sports every day because they do not like to sweat? If you want to stay healthy, there is a way really. Not just by eating healthy food, multiply the fruits and vegetables, but also moving.

Such as the following, simply by moving every day and you can control diabetes and osteoporosis:

  • Controlling diabetes
    It is important to exercise for diabetics. If hard heavy exercise, then mild exercise is the perfect solution. Do not let the body be silent because it can increase blood sugar levels. Moving and do light exercise will actually keep sugar levels. Try doing yoga, leisurely stroll or swim.
  • Against osteoporosis
    Light exercise regularly can help increase bone density and balance of the body as it helps the absorption of calcium in the bones. Move will prevent osteoporosis and activate the body’s immunity. Try a morning stroll or bike to get vitamin D as well.

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