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Month: July 2015

How to Overcome Vaginal Odor In

Cara Mengatasi Bau Pada Vagina

Vaginal odor, often experienced by women. Causes could smell due to bacteria, fungal infections, the pattern was not clean and hormonal changes.

But you need not worry, if you remove the vaginal odor you can do some of the following ways :

  • Apple Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial, which can eliminate the odor in the vagina. You can mix apple cider vinegar in warm water and use it to wash your feminine area.
  • Baking Soda
    Baking soda is useful as Ph balance in your body. If the Ph balance the odor in your vagina will disappear. You can mix baking soda in warm water, and use to soak.

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Keeping Healthy Facial Skin when using a Beard Trimmer

Some believe that all beard trimmers available in the market are similar one to another. They are wrong. The fact is, each beard trimmer product and brand has various strengths and weaknesses that differentiate them one to another. When you look and compare them carefully, each beard trimmer we can find on the market is equipped with different features. Certain beard trimmers are designed for specific usage and skin condition, while some others are offering incomparable durability. When it comes about purchasing a beard trimmer, one has to be really careful to avoid choosing the wrong one.

What most men don’t know is the fact that it’s possible for keeping healthy facial skin when using a Beard Trimmer. However, it only can be done if we choose it correctly. And if you’re new on these matters, the chance is that you can find some guides and assistance in finding the right beard trimmer online. Yes, there are more than enough of good sites out there you can go for help on it. All you need to do is to pick one you really sure it can be trusted. We’ve been done our own research and found out has the most unbiased beard trimmer reviews and recommendations one can try.

At you will be able to learn many things about beard trimmers, how it work, features offered, and even recommendations to certain trimmers that are suited to your needs and specifications. Be feeling free to check the site regularly as they always added new interesting articles and contents every now and then so you will have something new to learn each day. And if you’re on a quest of finding the best beard trimmer then there is no better place you can go for it but They have everything you need.

Tips to Avoid Alzheimer’s Brain

Tips Otak Terhindar Alzheimer

Previously has been discussed that women have the potential doubling more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s than men. This makes the women to be more vigilant and pay attention to your body and mental health.

Not only women who are at greater risk, those with diabetes also have great potential for developing memory disorders to Alzheimer’s. Moreover, you are a woman and have diabetes.

Therefore, the following are ten tips help maintain brain health in order to avoid Alzheimer’s:

1. Sports literature. When you move your body, there are many hormones are released and sufficient exercise can increase the activity and strength of bone, muscle and heart so that better blood flow to the brain.

2. Stop smoke. smoke never bring good effects to health, including to the brain. Cigarettes also be the cause quickly people experiencing dementia and various neurological brain disorders. Continue reading

Symptoms of colon cancer alert

Waspada Gejala Kanker Usus Besar

Talking about cancer risk, we can be sure everyone will feel frightened by the risk of this disease. Cancer is a disease that most often lead to death. Not only that, the symptoms of cancer that is often realized makes not a few lives to be floated by it.

One ill cancer is quite dangerous and have to watch out for is colon cancer. There are several symptoms that can be felt when one is at risk of suffering from colon cancer. And some of these symptoms include :

  • Anemia
    Some studies found that people who suffered from colon cancer usually anemic. Given the frequency of a person with colon cancer defecation accompanied the presence of blood, it makes it susceptible to anemia.
  • Blood In Stool
    The main sign of when a person is suffering from colon cancer is blood in the stool. Intestinal problems are susceptible to various problems one of which is a condition of abnormal stool. In addition to the presence of blood in stool, colon cancer is also characterized by a more liquid stools than usual.

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Natural Soap for Healthier Skin Solutions

Being realized or not, most soap products we found today at stores and supermarkets are actually not soap. In fact, they can’t legally claim the product as soap since it has lack of benefits and advantages the real soap should be able to offer. As alternative, they often use the term “bar”, “cleansing”, and even “care” instead of “soap”. According to how it has been made, these products you thought to be soap is actually a detergent. All the benefits that should be produced during the Saponification (Soap-making) process have been removed from it. And due to the chemical substances it contained inside, you will find your skin become drier and harsher the more you use them.

And instead of continuing using these so-called soap products and have your skin got damaged day by day, alternatively you can switch to organic and natural soaps for healthier skin. Indeed, finding the real natural soap products that are truly made from natural ingredients and are healthy to our skin isn’t easy. These cannot be easily found at random stores. One of the best sites you can go to purchase organic bars of soap online will be They have wide range collections of organic soaps ready to accommodate all your needs.

Compared to these commercial skin care products, the natural soaps are commonly more expensive. However, with the extra price, you will be able to enjoy extra benefits to enjoy, such as healthier skin, safer product usage, no side effect, and more. For more information about natural soaps and how it will be beneficial to you, simply visit The site has all information and guidance you possibly needed to know about natural soaps, how it made, how it works, and more. Be feeling free to check often where you’ll possibly find new deals to enjoy.

Lemon For Health Benefits

Manfaat Lemon Bagi Kesehatan

Lemon may be seen in the market. Yellow fruit is widely used as an ingredient in foods and beverages.

Here are the various health benefits of lemon as follows :

  • Indigestion and Constipation
    Lemon juice helps to cure problems related to indigestion and constipation. Add a few drops of lemon on your dish, then he will react like a laxative, which can aid your digestion. Lemon acts as a blood purifier, so lemon is widely used as a beverage served after lunch or dinner commonly called fresh lemon.
  • Flu
    Lemon juice can treat people suffering from colds, flu or fever. Lemon helps cure flu symptoms to fever increase perspiration. Drinking lemon juice mixed with hot water add a little honey to taste sweet. Heat it generates, will improve the results of the sweat in your body.

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Watching TV hazard for Health

Bahaya Menonton TV Bagi Kesehatan

A recent study states that a person who often watch TV tend to have a number of health problems.

And here are some of the health effects of watching TV and how it is linked to several physical and mental problems :

  • Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
    If someone glued to the TV for more than two hours per day, there is the likelihood of developing diabetes type 2. Studies have suggested that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increased by about 20%. Cut time watching TV can reduce not only the risk of type 2 diabetes, but also the risk of premature death.
  • Obesity
    Several studies have revealed that television viewing linked to weight gain and obesity. Lifestyle can have a significant impact on health because you expend less energy when you are resident in the chair than when you are standing or just walking around.

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