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Month: September 2015

Continuous Terrific Headache

Sakit Kepala Hebat Terus Menerus

The brain is the source of all the nervous system of every creature. Located in the head, protected by the skull and close to the sense of taste possessed sensor such as vision, hearing, balance, taste and smell. The brain is the most complex component of the body and is associated with all the human nervous system.

If the deadly brain disease such as brain cancer, nerve function of the body as a whole will be disrupted. Given the importance of the earliest possible treatment of cancer, early detection of brain cancer is needed. One way to do early detection of this deadly disease is to be aware of any unnatural symptoms shown by the body.

As described, one of the symptoms of brain cancer most commonly known is headache or dizziness. However, if the head pain always indicates brain cancer? Certainly not. So, what distinguishes the ordinary headache with symptoms of brain cancer? What distinguishes ordinary headache and indications of brain cancer is the frequency and degree of pain of headaches. Continue reading

Tasty and Healthy Wine is Finally Available for You


Most people think that wine is somehow unhealthy due to the high level of alcohol and other chemical substances contained inside. They should know that these mostly happen on those manufactured wine which usually use various kinds of chemical ingredients to make their low quality wine tastes delicious and to sell it with overpriced tag. But things go differently with those wine products produced by the traditional winery companies, which mostly have much better purity and genuine taste of natural ingredients and process. So if you want to buy wine, be sure to make the right choice so you can enjoy both tasty wine and stay healthy along the way.


One of the best places you can go for high quality winery products to shop is The company is specializing in providing high quality wine for people especially athletes. Yes, their wine is made by collaborating traditional and modern methods resulting on high quality wine that at the same time is also healthy. We all know how important it is for athlete to keep their body fit and healthy. FitVine Wine has been tested and proven has less sulfites and no residual sugar, which that means it offers less amount of calories and carbohydrates. And now they can enjoy finest wine from without having to worry about any unhealthy side effect used to be found on the conventional wine products. isn’t a new company. They have been in the business for many years now and had served the community with their high quality and healthy wine. Their products have been shipped to many places throughout the country as well as also across the nation borders. One can order the wine via online through their official website which surely easier and simpler to do. Get to the site, browse all the product listed inside, and simply order anything you feel interested. The product will be sent to your address as soon as possible.

Signs Destructive Diet Body

Tanda Diet Merusak Tubuh

For women who care about appearances, you would think to go on a diet in order to lose weight so it has a slim body ideal and more interesting, right? The diet was not wrong, even very healthy for maintaining ideal body weight will keep you from various diseases.

But do not necessarily apply strict diet inhuman. Know dietary restrictions you do, because the diet is also not too hard either. How do I know you excessive dieting or not, consider the following signs.

  • Avoid all kinds of food
    You must avoid high fat foods low in nutrients such as fried foods, bersantan, snacks and so forth. But that does not mean you can restrict food intake, eating only once a day and with very small portions.

Continue reading

Disease Kidney Failure

Penyakit Gagal Ginjal

Kidney disease is a disease that kills silently. So called because the symptoms of this disease are often not felt by the sufferer. However, once symptoms can already be felt turns the disease has entered a severe stage. Therefore, early detection is necessary so that the disease can be immediately dealt with appropriately.

Detection of kidney disease can be done by doing three series of tests that are offered at the hospital. The medical tests needed to confirm the diagnosis and plan of treatment stages. So, what are the three series of tests it? Here’s the full review.

  • Blood Pressure Test
    Blood pressure tests are needed to determine the level of your blood pressure. As is known, high blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney failure. If you have high blood pressure, around 140/90 mmHg, then certainly you have hypertension and would be more susceptible to diseases such as kidney failure.

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Treatment for ear mites in cats and dogs can be dangerous

Most cat and dog ear mite medications are chemical or pesticide based – these contain harmful ingrediients
when you’re looking into how to get rid of ear mites in cats and dogs, the process can be done naturally
it is quite easy to get rid of ear mites without use of harmful chemicals
ear mites in dogs and cats causes distress to the pets, the ears are itchy, red, sore and very tender
the ear mites actually bite and leave deposits in the ears which can cause ear infection

Dr Dogs Ear Oil is a natural remedy to get rid of ear mites in dogs and cats. Completely safe to use and it is helpful to treat symptoms of ear mites in cats, dogs and other animals.
If you’re looking into how to get rid of ear mites in dogs, cats and other pets, give Dr Dogs Ear Oil a try.
This formula has pain reliever to help with ear ache issues AND it has natural antibiotic to help fight off ear infections in dogs and cat ear infection caused by the presence of ear mites.

Keep your pets ears in good condition. Avoid putting chemicals in their ears to get rid of ear mites and fight ear infections.
Choose the healthy and safe method – go natural!

Beware of Skin Itching For Signs of Skin Cancer

Waspadai Kulit Gatal Sebagai Tanda Kanker Kulit

Itching of the skin was a natural thing to happen. Itching caused by insect bites or itching due to allergies is itching that does not need to worry about. But, if the itching of the skin takes place continuously for 4 weeks or more without a known cause of definite, the itching may be an early symptom of skin cancer, you know.

Continuous itching accompanied by redness of the skin that occur during approximately 4 weeks are characteristic of skin cancer at an early stage that you need to be aware of.

Furthermore, scaly skin is also an early indication of skin cancer occurs. The emergence of scales on the skin is an indication of the onset of skin cancer types Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC). SCC type of skin cancer is usually issued among other characteristics such as shape wound red, itchy, and scaly. These scars are generally flat and spread out on the surface of the skin such as the face, ears, lips, and hands. Continue reading

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