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Month: October 2015

Let’s Cycling



If you are lazy to exercise, bicycling can be one exciting sport to try. Cycling will be lighter because without moving your body feels while you have been able to enjoy the scenery around. Whatever you can from cycling? How to choose the appropriate bike?

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Symptoms myoma and How!

Mioma dan Bagaimana Gejalanya!

Myomas, also known as fibromyomas, fibroin and these neoplasms are the most common benign tumor in women. Myoma is one reproductive diseases in women generally occur in the corpus uteri, although in some cases it can also occur in the cervix or the broad ligament. Myomas usually occurs in women over the age of 35. The cause of fibroids is unknown, but excessive levels of estrogen and human hormone (HGH) is expected to affect the formation of tumors by inducing fibromuscular elements.

High estrogen levels increase the size of the tumor and the levels of HGH. When production of estrogen decreases, fibroids will usually shrink, even disappear by itself (usually occurs after menopause). Symptoms caused by this form of uterine disease abdominal pain, submucosal hypermenorrhea (excessive bleeding during menstruation), and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation abnormal).

Treatment for the disease is still small myomas can usually be done by surgical removal. Meanwhile, if the size of the myoma is already enlarged, causing intestinal obstruction, the handling required in the form of hysterectomy. Continue reading

Kidney with Natural Cleaning Tips

Tips Membersihkan Ginjal dengan Alami

Kidney is a crucial organ in our body. Kidney function is to filter the toxins contained in the food we eat. Due to the declining quality of food and snacks that often we eat and the unhealthy eating patterns, often making our kidneys affected. Health problems ranging from mild, to severe such as kidney failure inevitably a scourge for healthy kidney function.

To improve the health of kidney function, kidney we need to clean up. Here are the foods that are good for cleaning the kidneys of toxins are filtered out and restore the function of health.

  • Fruit juice Bit
    One natural remedy to cleanse the kidneys that you should not miss is the beet juice. This is due beet or beet juice is rich in phytochemicals betanin which is good. Beet juice will help you clean out the accumulated and calcium phosphate in your kidneys.

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