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Month: January 2016

Immune Able to Fight Cancer

Kekebalan Tubuh Mampu Melawan Kanker

If the body is sick, then that means there is something wrong with your body’s immune system or immune system. Possibly due to loss of balance. The body’s immune function to fight the disease that attacks the body so that you will not get sick if your immune system strong. On the contrary is that you will be susceptible to disease if you do not keep the system imunmu well. It can happen to someone who is suffering from cancer. A weakened immune system will not be balanced against the virus cancer so malignant cancer cells will continue to eat away at the body.

Healing techniques cancer patients include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug administration did not really guarantee the patient’s recovery, because if the immune system continues to weaken, the cancer cells will be grown stronger in the body and spread slowly to all the networks.

There is a new strategy that can be done to fight cancer cells, which is not only focused on the discovery of the location of the tumor, but also by trying to strengthen the immune system to make it capable of beating the cancer cells. And this is referred to as immunotherapy. Tumor will not grow and develop in a healthy body and a strong immune system. The survival rate of patients with advanced amount can reach 5-15 years because of immunotherapy. Immunotherapy may prevent recurrence and slows the growth of cancer, and improve general health and also boost the immune system are affected by the side effects of chemotherapy. Continue reading

Signs of Body Mandatory Rest

Tanda dari Tubuh Wajib Istirahat

Sometimes, deadlines or deadlines job of being the main reason for delaying the work until the appointed time approached although we own the know that the habit is not good for our bodies. Our body needs time to rest and breathe. Therefore, it helps us learn to be smarter set time everyday so that work is completed within the deadlines specified and we can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The habit of staying up late to work or task was not taboo. Sometimes, due to too serious work and too focused on the task we are doing, we forget that the body was exhausted at work, especially if we work at a computer or active work that requires extra energy and agile body movements. The habit of forcing the body to work is something that should be avoided because it will result in jobs to be not optimal and decreases the body’s metabolism which then will allow many diseases to enter our bodies.

It’s good, we recognize some of the signs of the body that indicate that our body was exhausted and needed a break. Here are the signs:

1. Difficult focus
Fatigue we feel may be caused due to lack of sleep, dehydration, etc. Lack of sleep and dehydration can reduce oxygen levels in the body that can cause difficulty thinking brain because the brain works using oxygen absorbed by the body. If we are deprived of oxygen and the brain is hard work, we should increase intake of mineral water in the body and regulates our sleep time to match the time that is supposed to sleep at around 6-8 hours per day. Continue reading

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