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Month: October 2017

Low Calorie and Fat Foods

I sure know about Calories. Calorie is the fuel needed by the body to move. If your caloric intake is much higher than the number of calories your body needs then the body will store it as food reserves in the form of fat. Reserve food is stored under the skin so it will make your body look fat.

And therefore, if you want to lose weight, consumption of low-calorie foods is highly recommended. Low-calorie foods are foods that contain fewer calories and are usually rich in other essential nutrients for the body.

Benefits of Low Calorie Foods

Some people think that high-calorie foods must be filling. In fact, this is not entirely true. Many high-calorie foods that in fact do not make you full.

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Some Safe Ways to Overcome Obesity

‘Obesity becomes one of the most important concerns for everyone. Initially obesity is often a problem for residents in developed countries. But now obesity is also much attacking people in developing countries like Indonesia. ‘Obesity is a condition when the body has a lot of fat. Physically people who suffer from obesity will look fat or very fat. The most dangerous of obesity is the body is more susceptible to several complications such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease so it needs to do how to prevent obesity so as not to continue.

‘Given that there are many complications of critical illness that can happen to obese people, then we need to avoid or prevent obesity. Here are some ways to prevent obesity and how to maintain a healthy body that you can do.

1. Allow Children to Do Outdoor Activities
Children are also very susceptible to obesity. The development of the era provides a very special and full facilities for children. Because it’s now a lot of kids who prefer to stay indoors to play with gadgets or view the television. This habit can make weight gain because children lack physical movement. ‘To overcome this, children should be allowed to play outside with parents or adults. Give some traditional games that require a lot of movement. Also invite the child to play with many friends to trigger a better physical movement.

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