Jogging is one sport that is cheap and easy to do. Not only that, a sport that does not require many tools also promise health benefits for the body. What is it?

Rather than having to spend a lot of money to do a workout in the gym, you better run the morning routine every day. Besides low cost, this sport is also a lot of benefits.

Here are some of the benefits gained when your body routine jog, as quoted from the LIVESTRONG, Tuesday (27/11/2012):

1. Burn the fat
Jogging in the morning can provide additional physiological and psychological benefits, including weight loss. According to strength coach and bodybuilder Tom Venuto, the first gym in the morning is very effective for burning fat.

This is because after the sleeping body in a state of semi-fasting and carbohydrate supply runs out. Carbohydrates are the source of energy for the body, so when inventory depleted, the body will burn fat for fuel network while exercising instead.

As long as you keep running at low to moderate intensity, your body will burn fat for fuel especially, so effective for weight loss.

In addition, when your metabolism slows bed completely. Running in the morning is the best way to start improving your metabolism. Many studies have proven that people who used to run in the morning have a better metabolic rate.

2. Muscles enlarge
In addition to helping you lose weight, jogging in the morning can also improve body composition and help build muscle.

3. Reduce stress
Many runners often cite the benefits of jogging in the morning, that is as a reliever long-term stress can your mind becomes more relaxed.

4. Fresh throughout the day
Morning run also makes the body lungs filled with fresh air through the respiratory tract, thus providing a healthier life for blood cells in the body. As well as creating a good coordination between the mind and the soul.

Fresh mind would make a better mood that will automatically contribute to the improvement of health conditions. As well as body movement that involves all the muscles will make blood circulation more smoothly.