Fat Stomach

Fat Stomach

Distended stomach is the source of the problem’s appearance. Not only that, belly fat can also affect one’s health. This is because belly fat and obesity is difficult to separate. Obesity itself is a risk factor of various health problems such as hypertension, clogged arteries, stroke, to heart disease.

Causes of bloated stomach itself is due to eating foods that contain simple carbohydrates and trans fat is too much. According to dr Phaidon L Toruan detikhealth team interviewed, factors affecting the occurrence of belly fat is quite diverse, ranging from congenital to environmental factors. The factors that cause belly fat is described as follows:

1. Eating Too Much

Eating foods that contain simple carbohydrates, refined sugar, MSG, and foods that contain excessive fat can cause your body to store fat. As a result, the stomach will be distended and irritates prone to health as well.

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is now a practical all-embracing ideology and instant also affect your body’s health. Lots of instant food products that are advertised every day, get people excited to try it, though not necessarily the product is healthy for the body. You are encouraged to be highly selective for the selection of food.

3. The use of drugs

Medications such as birth control pills or other drugs that can trigger the production of the hormone estrogen can lead to belly fat. This is because the hormone estrogen binds to fat easily.

4. Genetic

You also need to know is that belly fat can also be caused due to genetic factors or a descendant. There are those who since childhood have a tendency to be obese, and have a slower metabolic processes.

5. Aging

It is undeniable that the more it gets older, your metabolism also slows down. This slows down the metabolism which usually occurs due to reduced muscle mass involved and commonly experienced when a person over 30 years of age. You are advised to keep your body by exercising regularly so as to avoid the accumulation of fat in your body.

Those are some causes of bloated stomach, hopefully this article can be useful for you.