Men and women in bed

Men and women in bed

Men can always dreamed of having sex in a way like in a porn movie. But sexual relationships are fun and interesting only when both parties are equally feel comfortable.

As a man, do you realize there are some things that make women feel uncomfortable during intercourse?

Remember, most women simply do not have sex because sex itself and do not want men to treat women as sex slaves. Women want to act naughty in bed only if it is the embodiment of love, passion and romance.

That the men understand that, consider the exposure of five things that make women afraid to have sex following.

1. Anal sex

Anal sex gives different variety than the usual sex (vaginal sex) and later many couples do, but you are advised not to surprise him with it.

This is because not all women can be moved by stimulation of the anus. So a man should always know what they want their partner in bed. If you are not careful, especially if he had a bad experience in the past with this kind of sex, then he can leave you forever.

2. Pregnant

Men always prefer sex with a partner without using condoms. But what if the woman is not ready to have a baby?

Sexual intercourse and then pull the penis out before ejaculation may not be the best way out. Of course women do not want to take birth control pills or pregnancy tests all the time. So men should not be forced sexual intercourse without a condom on her partner.

3. Extreme sex

Before you want to try using extreme sex, you need to know the sex toys, handcuffs, rope, satin ribbon, rod, or sex, talking dirty is a great stimulus, but not appropriate if you are using at the wrong time or with a new partner because it could be it will only frighten him.

4. Sex during menstruation

Maybe your partner does not matter if you are asking to have sex when she is menstruating, but the women always feel uncomfortable and insecure when doing it. So be patient and wait for her menstrual period is completed so that you and your partner enjoy sex more.

5. Sex Without Passion

Sex without love or passion only occurs in a porn movie. Men may be able to do it but she could not. Climbed into bed without first kissing your partner or do a bit of warming to evoke passion will only make him feel uncomfortable.

Do not forget that women always associate sex with love and feeling.