Exercise is good and healthy activity, even needs to be done routinely. In addition to the benefits of good for the body, exercise can also cause injury if not done properly. 5 Beware of injury that is often experienced when exercising and how to overcome them.

“Sports Injuries happen beyond our control, but many sports injuries can be prevented. Some injuries occur because it is not conditioned for such activities,” said William Roberts, MD, sports medicine physician at the University of Minnesota and spokesman for the American College of Sports Medicine as WebMD reported on Tuesday (07/10/2012).

Roberts explains, each exercise should begin with warm up to prevent injury. Warming will increase blood flow to the muscles, making the body become more flexible and can reduce the risk of injury.

Injuries due to sports are generally mild or moderate. Treatment can be done at home in hope. Some injuries are severe enough to require several months to heal completely. If the case is severe enough, could require surgery.

The fifth most common injuries include:

1. Ankle sprain
Most athletes had sprained his ankle. These injuries tore ligaments on the outside of the ankle is relatively weak. As a doctor, you should check the location of the sprain occurs. If the case is severe, see a doctor to make sure the bones in the lower legs are not separated.

2. Interested groin muscle
Pushed sideways movement will cause tension in the muscles of the inner thigh or groin. Sports such as hockey, soccer and baseball is a sport that is often attacked by a groin injury.

If experience, compress with ice and rest. Too quickly back their activities may aggravate a groin injury, so the longer the healing process. Do not forget to see the doctor because of a swollen groin could be serious problems.

3. Hamstring injury
Hamstring is 3 behind the thigh muscles that move the knee. Excessive movements such as running a hamstring pull and kick can cause these muscles hurt.

Hamstring injury slow to heal because there is constant pressure on the injured tissues when walking. Typically, the healing takes 6-12 months.

4. Shin splints
This injury is characterized by pain on the front side of the lower leg. These injuries most often caused by running, especially when starting a weight training program as it runs away.

If this injury, rest, ice compresses and pain medication. Pain is rarely a result of severe injury. But if the pain persists, contact your doctor.

5. Knee injury
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the muscle that brings together the bones of the foot with the knee. Sudden stop or hit from the side can tear the ACL. Severe injury is an audible sound to ‘pop’.

ACL injury has the potential of the most severe injuries than other sports. Damaged ACL surgery typically requires active if you want to go back to normal.