Pregnancy is a moment very eagerly awaited by couples who are planning the baby’s presence. It is important for prospective parents to foster a harmonious relationship with each other because it is apparently contributing to the health and development of infants.

As reported, Wednesday (27/02/2013) The following is how to improve the bond between husband and wife that can promote healthy pregnancy and baby, including:

1. Mutual support
A woman’s life changes after pregnancy, he had more rest, eat more nutritious foods, and more attention to things that may affect the pregnancy. It can not be done solely by women and requires the full support of her husband.

Good support from the husband can enhance harmonious relationships as wives feel more cared for and cherished. Of course this could be good for her mood, avoid stress and achieve a healthy pregnancy.

2. Keeping together pregnancy
A husband should also know how the development of prospective baby in the womb of his wife. It can enhance a strong bond with his wife and baby in the womb at the same time. pregnancy is a shared responsibility, so that husband and wife should keep together well.

No matter how busy your work, try to take the time to accompany his wife to visit a gynecologist to know the baby’s development. Always accompanied by his wife when he was depressed because his wife through pregnancy and periods of severe morning sickness.

3. Having sex
Some women are afraid to have sex during pregnancy, but according to the doctors, sex during pregnancy is generally safe and does not pose a problem if you can maintain enough energy.

Sex is a great way to relieve stress and improve ties with a partner, both physically and emotionally. Communicate with each other about sexual needs and desires of each. It is important for husbands and wives to each other show non-sexual affection to each other throughout the day for the health of the unborn baby.

4. Open to each other in terms of hopes and anxieties related to pregnancy
Both partners must have the same vision and mission related to pregnancy and planning for the future baby. If there is a conflict between husband and wife, it can overload both mental condition that can affect the baby’s health.

Husbands and wives must share their things in mind related to expectation and anxiety after the baby is born. This includes the growing financial needs of the household and other conditions that need to be adjusted.

5. More sociable with their surroundings
If couples are isolated from the social environment and do not have a good relationship with the people who live around you, it can also affect the health of the baby later. Parents who are planning the birth of the child should have a healthy relationship with the surrounding environment.

People who do not much associate will tend to feel lonely and easily stressed, so good social relations necessary for a healthy pregnancy.