Start of breast cancer , to vaginal infections , there are a number of health conditions that only experienced by women vulnerable . Well , each of these health conditions would show a variety of symptoms that can be predicted from the beginning . Therefore , some of the complaints that you are experiencing should not be taken lightly .

Here are 5 symptoms to watch out ladies :

1 . Lump or abnormal changes in the breast

A lump , skin peeling or abnormal changes in the nipple are some of the symptoms of breast cancer . There is always derived from family history , breast cancer is one type of cancer that warrant concern . Although not all lumps are cancerous , but it is advisable for you to avoid further complications to consult a doctor immediately . Diagnosing cancer early will make it easier to overcome.

2 . Frequent urination or burning feeling arises

There are a number of other health conditions that may cause urination frequency increases women . However, if the condition is combined with the emergence of a burning sensation or irritation during urination , then it most likely means dysuria . This condition usually indicates a urinary tract infection , which can be a serious problem if not treated .

3 . Incredible pain during intercourse
Normal for women to experience pain during intercourse , especially in the early stages . But if the condition is experienced every time she engaged in sexual activity , it is possible that it is a symptom of a number of health conditions such as hormonal imbalances , pelvic inflammation , ovarian cysts , endometriosis or infections . Consult with your doctor to make sure the symptoms .

4 . bloating prolonged

Some women may often complain about the appearance of occasional bloating during menstruation . These conditions can still be considered normal . However, if these symptoms continue for weeks , it is advisable to consult a doctor . Prolonged bloating symptoms , coupled with frequent urination , an increase or weight loss , may be an indicator of serious conditions such as ovarian cancer .

5 . abnormal vaginal discharge

Whitish is commonly experienced by women . However, every woman needs to consider if there are abnormal changes such as the color and smell . If it appears the bad smell or color becomes yellowish or greenish , then it is possible it is a symptom of infection .