If you have a habit of eating lunch at certain hours, you should not be delayed despite the deadline might be. Heartburn can strike anyone, even a 60-70 percent instead triggered by a serious illness but only because of irregular meals.

“Approximately 60-70 percent, some even say 80 percent, the heartburn is a functional heartburn. If we do endoscopy, we found no abnormalities,” said a consultant digestion, Dr. Ari F Sham, SpPD (K) in the symposium lay Fasting Without During worship Qualified Disorders Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Monday (09/07/2012).

According to Dr. Ari, heartburn or dyspepsia in medical terms is called a set of symptoms of pain or discomfort in the area epigastrinum or around the abdomen. Another term broader sense, but equally refers to bad digestion are heartburn or indigestion.

Judging from the cause, heartburn or dyspepsia were divided into two types namely functional and organic. If diteropong with endoscopy, functional heartburn is accompanied by abnormalities in the digestive tract while the organic heartburn can be caused by other diseases such as cancer, polyps in the colon as well as cuts or ulcers in the stomach.

For the layman who may not perform its own endoscopy, gastric ulcer functionally indistinguishable from organically based symptoms. Heartburn is usually categorized as having the characteristics or organic signs of alarm as follows:

A. The first time you got an ulcer at the age of 45 years and over
2. Agencies weight down
3. Accompanied by anemia, pale face with no known reason
4. Vomiting of blood, bowel movement is black
5. It’s hard to swallow.

In conjunction with fasting, Dr. Ari said that in general it improves functional heartburn while fasting. Therefore if there are patients with stomach ulcers and endoscopic results did not show any abnormalities, Dr. Ari often advise patients to fast.

“If people are fasting, diets tend to be more organized at the time of dawn and breaking it. They also avoid unhealthy snacks that trigger heartburn, that cigarette smoking would also certainly be reduced. What is clear at the time of dawn and meal break must be fixed, and option should be a healthy eating menu of course, “added Dr. Ari.