How to Fat

How to Fat

If a lot of fat people are disappointed with the shape and weight, the same is much complained of by the people who lean. But the difference, if fat people desperate to lose weight, otherwise skinny people want to add weight to make it look a little fuller.

Just as the process of losing weight, body fattening process is also not easy. But certainly, the process must be fattening weight the healthy way. Are there any tips to fatten the body effectively and in a healthy way? Of course there are way, please consider a few tips to fatten the body following:

1. Add calories

The activity is, men need an average of 2200 calories calories, while women 1900 calories per day. Add 1000 calories each day so that your weight will increase approximately half a kilo a week. How can add your food portions than usual or even increase the frequency of eating twice as much of your daily frequencies. Also eat snacks such as nuts as much as 2-3 times between the time you eat. Also adjust your activities, if your activity is more severe than usual, add more calories.

2. The choice of food

Choose fruit juice and milk (2 cups per day of consumption) rather than soda, tea and coffee.    Choose vegetables such as potatoes, corn, radishes, carrots, peas, and other starchy vegetables.    Choose fruits just as pears, apples, pineapple, and banana.    Consumption of soup that contains cream.    Use healthy oils such as coconut oil, butter, canola oil and olive oil in your cooking.    Add toppings on donuts, ice cream, bread and other foods. You can use cream cheese, mayonnaise, and butter because these materials contain high calories.

3. Avoid foods high in calories

Avoid foods with high calorie unhealthy foods that contain trans fats (processed meat, fast food, etc.).

4. Sport

Exercise regularly to stimulate the body’s metabolism smoothly and your appetite.

5. Consumption of foods high in protein

Increase consumption of foods containing high protein and low in fat. You can get it on fruit, vegetables, chicken breast, tuna and other seafood. Protein plays an important role in repairing and building muscle tissue.

6. Drinking water

Drink lots of water, more than 8 glasses of water per day for a very important role as energy to be converted in weight gain.

7. Get enough sleep

Get a good, approximately 7-8 hours a day and avoid staying up late.8. Consumption of supplementsIf necessary, also the consumption of specific supplements to gain weight.

That’s 8 tips to fatten the body, which is important you have to be consistent and disciplined in the program you are living. Some people may have conditions that can inhibit the body fattening. Therefore, the best way is to first consult the nearest doctor or nutritionist. Hopefully these tips useful fatten the body.