Stomach ache

Stomach ache

This is a disease of million people, whoever it was never exposed to abdominal pain. Some of the things below would distinguish the type of abdominal pain that you experience, in terms of symptoms, then the first step to overcome them. Of course, in severe cases you need help from an expert, a doctor at your next house.
So, what should you do?

1. SideBurn

Symptoms: Pain In side areas, along with other complaints such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, early satiety, and belching, especially when you are hungry.

Cause: Various. Could be due to foods, especially foods containing gas such as cabbage, sweet potatoes, and mustard greens. Or it could be caused by beverages such as coffee, alcohol, and soda. In addition to dietary factors, ulcers can be connecting with stress factors, smoking, and consumption of drugs, including pain relief arthritis medication.

Solution: Actually anti sideburn medications containing antacids enough to overcome the symptoms. These antacids work to neutralize stomach acid. But if the pain was not reduced, perhaps you need to make an appointment with the doctor. Do not forget, reduce foods that can interfere with the performance of the hull-foods too acidic or too spicy. And from now on, eat regularly.

2. Gallstones

Symptoms: Those who have gallbladder stones usually feel heartburn is intermittent. Sometimes, the pain seemed to spread to the back of the body.

Cause: Fatty foods or can be associated with cholesterol levels are too high. Gallstones are deposits of cholesterol, bilirubin, or other calcium salts that form in the gallbladder or nearby bile ducts.

Solution: If the physician-by abdominal ultrasound-confirmed presence of gallbladder stones, then you should have surgery. Moreover, if the stone was calcium or non-calcium stones are already enlarged and hardened. How else?

3. Appendix

Symptoms: Pain in the lower right abdomen. Usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and persistent pain. Sometimes, the pain will increase to three times when you must walk. Your body will feel uncomfortable and feverish. Due to intense pain, sometimes you do not realize to continue holding the lower right abdomen while … groan.

Cause: The germs or bacteria that enter. So if you think the cause is due to eating too much chili or seeds, you consumed myths.

Solution: If you experience symptoms of abdominal pain in the lower right, get to the doctor. Verify whether this phenomenon is an infection of the appendix (acute appendicitis). If so, perhaps you should stay in the hospital for surgery. Surgery is the best way because if this problem is left alone, then there is the possibility of intestinal rupture, spreading infection throughout the abdomen, the result is fatal.


Symptoms: Your stomach is like a button, feel pain, especially in the lower abdomen, followed by abdominal cramps. Nausea and vomiting usually come after the diarrhea. Cholera is often also called vomiting disease because its main symptoms are vomiting and bowel movements.

Cause: Vibrio cholerae bacteria that have the name of another alias iBacillus coma. Germs are spread through contaminated food and drink.

Solution: antibiotics online Replace lost fluids with oral rehydration salts. If you lost a lot of body fluids and the patient was not able to receive fluid from the mouth, then the replacement fluid given intravenously.


Symptoms: Pain in left or right down the spread to the penis. If this kidney stone attack, you probably will experience tremendous pain due to severe urinary tract (which is similar to the hose) will stretch to hold urine caused by strong could not get out.
Cause: The Stones in the urinary tract (ureter stones). The pain is intermittent and the intensity of the pain will be more and more intense when you’re dying for a pee.

Solution: Actually painkiller counter can be taken to reduce the pain. But of course it depends on the intensity of her pain, if too great … Just let go. Go to the doctor is a smart move to get painkillers are usually given by injection. Or if the stone is too big and hard, then the operating procedures adopted to solve the problem. This is a lesson for you diligently to drink-especially if you work in air-conditioned.

6. Constipation

Symptoms: Pain in abdomen intermittent, located around the navel. This pain appears to be related to the food you eat or the result of a bowel obstruction.

Cause: As a result of eating too many foods high in fat and eat less vegetables. In severe cases, constipation can be caused by mechanical obstruction of the bowel such as inflammation of the bowel wall, cancer, or colon that bulge outward.

Solution: Eat laxatives. Adjust the cause of the constipation, if the cause your stools are too hard to buy a stool softening laxatives, laxatives, or choose to make a full feel of the digestive tract, giving rise to the stimulus for a bowel movement, or choose a laxative that can absorb the liquid.

7. Dysentery

Symptoms: Heartburn painĀ  probably about the same as your wife about to give birth. Which makes you upset going back and forth to the toilet for bowel movements. Maybe one day you could be 20 to 30 times the Chapter, and dirt you’ll loose stools and mucus. Sometimes, the dirt was accompanied by blood.

Cause: Consumption of foods that have been infected with germs dirty shigela dissentri or intestinal amoeba.

Solution: To treat it, first you must replace the fluid that has come out with rehydration salts. Antibiotics are very important to kill germs. But still more important than preventive medicine. The trick is to keep cleaning, exterminating flies in the house, and keep food and drinks from the dirt.