Blood pressure

Blood pressure

Entering adulthood , precisely start at the age of 18 years , meaning the sign you also start to be more aware of the risks of various diseases . This is important because a study revealed signs of a heart disease can already be seen when he enters the age of 18 .

” Blood pressure in young adulthood may have an impact on the risk of heart disease later in life . , We can not wait until middle age to handle . If we can keep the blood pressure remained normal since I was young , we can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke , ” said Norrina Allen, assistant professor of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine .

The results of examination of blood pressure in those aged 18-55 years revealed that a person at high risk for coronary artery calcification , which is a marker for heart disease in middle age .

Also known as hardening of the arteries , calcium deposits is known to narrow the coronary arteries and increase a person’s risk of heart attack . ” We can change the lifestyle by increasing physical activity or diet better to keep the blood pressure remains normal,” said Allen .

Meanwhile , according to Donald Lloyd – Jones , a cardiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital , a person with high blood pressure as early as possible should maintain a healthy lifestyle and if necessary given the drugs.

” Although blood pressure can be quickly lowered with medication , but the damage to the heart and blood vessels caused by high blood pressure due to time tend to settle , ” said Lloyd – Jones .

The age group at highest risk for increased blood pressure is at the age of 18 years . If left unchecked , this condition can develop into hypertension in middle age . In addition , they also become four times more likely to have coronary artery calcification .