Hair & Nail

Hair & Nail

Almost all parts of the human body can not be separated from the threat of cancer, ranging from blood, bone, lung, brain, skin and even the heart. There are only two parts of the body that is cancer-free hair and nails. Why?

“It is true that every part of our body can be affected by the disease and even cancer of the western literature, in which each death autopsy, there was a cancer growing on the heart muscle. But of course this is extremely rare so it is not a health issue,” said Dr Dradjat Ryanto Suardi, Spb (K) Onk, Chairman of the Association of Oncology Indonesia PP, when contacted on Wednesday (26/09/2012).

Only the hair and nails are not known a cancerous growth. According to Dr. Dradjat, possibly due to its rapid growth and has always done cutting by removing the tip area, and continues to be replaced a new one.

“Remember the growth of cancer cells need a long time,” said the doctor was born in Bandung, February 11, 1951 this.

The same thing was also said by Dr. dr. Andhika Rachman, SpPD, oncologist from Dharmais Cancer Hospital. According cancer can affect almost every organ of the human body, from head to toe.

“But the nails and hair can not be attacked because it has no blood vessels. To be able to grow, cancers need blood vessels,” says Dr. Andhika.

In addition to its rapid growth and has no blood vessels, hair and nails is also a dead network. This is what enables it to always be cut without causing pain.