As you know , anti- oxidants are substances that can prevent cell damage caused by free radicals in the body . In other words , anti-oxidants neutralize oxidation and cell damage that can lead to disease and premature aging .

Although current anti -oxidant supplements bloom enhancer substances circulating in the community , but still only eating fruits and vegetables is the most important thing to improve the anti-oxidants in your body .

Besides these essential nutrients to be consumed by anyone, including men .

Tomato is one of the foods that are rich sources of antioxidant called lycopene .

Berries such as strawberries , blueberries , and raspberries are full of anti- oxidant substances known as anthocyanins . This substance is able to prevent heart disease .

Garlic is known as a healthy food because it contains a natural anti-biotic substances that can kill some harmful bacteria . One clove of garlic contains vitamins A , B , C , selenium , iodine , potassium , iron , calcium , zinc , and magnesium .

This fruit is one fruit that is healthy because it contains important antioxidants like phytochemicals .

In fact in addition to rich in anti-oxidants , peppers also contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits .

green tea
Green tea contains high concentrations of polyphenols . This substance is able to burn fat deposits .

In addition contains anti -oxidants , melon also contains beta- carotene , vitamin C , and zeaxanthin .

Spinach is a vegetable that contains anti -oxidants called lutein . This substance helps protect the health of your eyes .

Those are some foods that contain anti- oxidants . The foods you can alternatively enter your healthy menu .