Over 60% of the people in the U.S have or ever dealt with anxiety problem. And if you think anxiety problem is only occurred to adult, you’re wrong. Based on the scientific research found that anxiety may occur to anyone at any level of age, which that means it also can attack children and youngsters. For many years, the National Health Department of the U.S even considers anxiety and obesity as the most common problem in the country that require immediate solution to overcome it from generating various other problems both physically and mentally in the future.

There are many forms of anxiety problems have been known until today, such as social anxiety, obsessive compulsion disorder, personal disorder, and many more. And according to the symptoms and some other measurements, drug addiction is also considered as one of these anxiety problems. In most cases, treating people with anxiety disorder does not enough with only prescribed medications but also it should be followed with psychotherapy. While the medication will help relieve the physical symptoms or inconveniences, the psychotherapy will make sure they are ready to build back their life and to prevent from the same problem to come back in the future.

And child anxiety should be a real concern to many parents out there today. We should be able to recognize the symptoms or signs of anxiety problems in our kids, so that we can take immediate actions to it. Unlike any other health problems, when dealing with anxiety disorder we have to make sure to take appropriate action fast and efficiently. Untreated anxiety disorder may lead to various mental problems, and for kids, it will affects their entire life. So, when it comes about child anxiety, we should consider taking it seriously to avoid further mental damages to our children.