Difficult to sleep at night not only because of the density of the activities or conditions restless . Diet was also affecting hard to sleep at night .

To maintain the quality of sleep , you should avoid the following 5 intake can interfere with the body when resting . According to dietitian and author of Eat Well and Be Fabulous , Shelly Redmond , RD , is the following intake .

1 . caffeine

Most people already know the bad effects of caffeine , which causes the eye can not close despite hours of sleep has arrived . Unfortunately people only know coffee and soda as a source of caffeine , and do not realize the other .

Caffeine is also found in tea and nonprescription . When someone is sensitive to caffeine , you should select the non – caffeine coffee and make sure always check the drugs consumed 8 hours before bedtime .

2 . alcohol

Most people think , alcohol will help relax until then can fall asleep . However , according to Redmond , research shows alcohol causes a person often awakened at night .

Alcohol also causes reduced frequency of REM sleep . Yet without REM sleep eyes will not close . To prevent this condition should limit alcohol consumption just one glass , with a distance of 1-2 hours before bedtime . Thus , the quality of sleep to stay awake .

3 . water

Water is good for losing weight and maintaining a healthy body . But water has side effects , which led to wake up at night to urinate . These conditions disrupt sleep cycles , especially when it has entered the stage of rapid eye movement ( REM ) .

To prevent this condition should stop taking 60-90 minutes before bedtime . Also make sure to stay in bed during the night .

4 . Food stored too long and fermentation

Food stored too long and containing fermented tyramin , ie amino acids that stimulate the brain continues to work through the night . Smoked fish , processed meats , and cheeses that contain tyramin stored too long .

To prevent trouble sleeping should avoid these foods . If you want to snack cheese before bed , choose the fresh mozzarella example .

5 . Food products made ??from tomatoes

Everything that contains a lot of acid will cause a burning sensation and discomfort throughout the night . Example dish with high acid levels are , spicy and tomato-based foods . Redmond advised to avoid foods with high acid , at least 3 hours before bedtime .