baby learn

baby learn

Infancy is a crucial period for the development of a child because that’s when the child learn to absorb and learn different things. Recently, a new study also revealed that the baby’s ability to sit play an important role in the learning process.

In detail, a team of researchers from North Dakota State University and Texas A & M found that the baby simple postures, whether sitting on its own or assisted by an adult role in cognitive development or the ability to learn a variety of objects.

Through two experiments, Woods ensures that infants aged 5.5 months and 6.5 months of not using a specific pattern to distinguish the objects they see. But 6.5 months old baby can more easily use a specific pattern to study an object if they are given the opportunity to see, touch and feel the object.

“The advantage held 6.5 months old baby is probably the ability to be able to sit alone so that they are easier to reach, hold and manipulate a variety of objects. So if the baby does not need to focus the attention to balance her to explore an object will focus completely,” said one researcher Rebecca J. Zeenews Woods as reported on Friday (12/14/2012).

In a second experiment, 5.5 months old baby was given full support when sitting to explore an object. When posture given support, they were able to use a specific pattern to distinguish multiple objects.

“Helping a baby sitting in a safe and well supported during the learning session will help them deal with a variety of learning situations are different, not only when studying the features of a particular object,” Woods said.

So if the baby can sit up, whether it’s sitting alone or assisted by an adult and seated on a chair specifically for babies, they will be able to learn everything better.

“These findings could be useful, especially for infants cognitive development is delayed but really need an optimal learning environment,” he concluded.