If you think a shower using warm water can make you more fresh and fit , you may be mistaken . Because according to the study , a warm bath just is not good for health .

This is because the water is not hot enough to kill bacteria attached on our bodies . In fact , the warm water can make microbes grow faster .

Tub of warm water is also susceptible pseudomonas folliculitis , an infection that causes itchy red bumps too . Not only that , a hot shower , especially in the spa , hotel and gym which is a breeding ground for germs also can bear on the Legionnaire’s disease , acute respiratory infection caused by Legionella bacteria pneumophilia and other species of Legionella can cause a series of diseases , ranging from mild cough and fever to pneumonia .

Previously , in 2007, the researchers found no association warm bath with lower sperm production in men . In the study mentioned that the man who soak for 30 minutes in a tub of warm water has less quality sperm than men who cold shower .

So , it is better not too often a warm bath , unless you live in a cool temperate countries .