check the blood type

check the blood type

The risk of heart disease is not only influenced by lifestyle, but also fate. Nobody can choose their own blood type, whereas according to the study it was also influential. The most vulnerable group AB, O most secure.

Research experts from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggests, blood type AB have a heart disease risk 23 percent higher than blood type O. Group B is higher by 11 percent, while a higher 5 percent.

These findings came to light after the experts make the observation of 62 000 women for 26 years and 27 400 men in the span of 24 years. Of the many who observed, at least 2,500 people who later suffered a heart ailment.

The scientists then compared with several factors, including cholesterol and blood pressure. Another factor for the first time entered the blood, which has been determined based on the fate of the alias can not vote or be changed himself.

After adjusting for factors known so far, including cholesterol and blood pressure, researchers found that blood group is also influential. In conclusion, the AB blood type O is expressed most vulnerable and least secure.

“People can not change the blood type, but these findings could help doctors to determine who had a higher risk for heart disease,” said Dr. Lu Qi, who led the study, as quoted by LiveScience, Wednesday (15/08/2012) .

As Dr. Qi, the findings make the risk of heart disease becomes a little easier to detect. How not test to determine blood type is known as one of the blood tests are very easy and cheap to do.