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Chemicals in Sunscreen Claimed Can Disturb Male Fertility



The use of sunscreen is recommended especially for those who are frequently exposed to sunlight. However, recent studies indicate if the men, the use of sunscreen also have a negative effect on their fertility.

In a longitudinal study Investigation of Fertility and the Environment (LIFE), researchers say if a specific group of chemicals that are useful filter benzophenone UV rays that can be absorbed through the skin and interfere with fertility hormones in men.

Interestingly, this effect was not seen in women who use sunscreen with benzophenone content. In everyday life, benzophenone is also often used for multiple products shampoos, moisturizers, and cosmetics. For the study, researchers recruited 501 couples who are trying to have a child.

The women aged 18-44 years, while the men aged over 18 years. Since 2005-2009, the researchers observed the lifestyle of each pair, the environment, exposure to chemicals in everyday life, BMI, age, and smoking habits. Urine samples were taken to test their five concentrations of UV filters that were previously shown to disrupt hormones and the endocrine system.

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Cosmetic Surgery Resource for Moms

Cosmetic surgery becomes popular option for women nowadays. It offers them instant and easy solution to craft their body shape. And so, it gives new solution to fix various body parts that any diet or exercise plans won’t be able to fix it. We all know how frustrating for most women to shape their body with conventional dietary and exercise methods. And they can get the results in fast and easy way by applying a little surgery procedure on the desired spots. Whether you want to improve your face skin or to get better breast look, cosmetic surgery is the best solution available for it.

The most frustrating moment for many women is after they gave a child-birth. With so many changes on their body during the pregnancy until to the breastfeeding period, especially around the tummy and breast area, many of them are desperately seeking for effective solution to it. And sometimes, tight diet and hard-regular exercise won’t give them the expected result. Alternatively, they may consider the cosmetic surgery to provide any enhancements on the desired areas. If you’re one of those moms who want to get full or partial makeover on your body instantly with cosmetic surgery, you can visit for more information about it.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, the surgeon’s experience and track record will significantly affects on the result you will gain. Consider the cosmetic surgery as an art work. The more experienced and skilled the artist, the artwork result will be a masterpiece. And so with cosmetic surgery, the more skilled your surgeon, you’ll likely to get much better result at the end of process. And the best place where you can get professional help on your next cosmetic surgery will be YourBodyLifting. They have focused in providing mommy makeover plan for moms out there whom desperately looking for a way to get back their bodyshape.

You can rely on the Mommy Makeover plan for various surgery procedures moms possibly needed, such as Arm lift, Fat transfer, Tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and much more. Here, they also provide professional recommendations to top and reputable clinics in the U.S where you can get all these Mommy Makeover surgery procedures done. You can even narrow the option and get the list of top clinics by defining your local area. Whether you need the procedure in Minnesota, Chicago, or Texas, you’ve come to the right place to find the best clinics available in your area. You can get all information with only few clicks of your finger.

Reliable Breast Augmentation Solution in Phoenix

Have you ever considered spending a New Year holiday and back to your town with a new appearance? Well, enhancing your look will always be a good thing to start a new year. There are many sites you can learn about breast enhancement procedure, including complete information of where you can do it. Be really careful when looking for information on the internet, since not all of them are able to provide you honest recommendations or reviews. It is strongly recommended to visit reputable site run by well-known companies to get unbiased information.

Some sites are providing localized breast enhancement service search, which that could be an advantage. This way, you’ll be able to search the breast enhancement services based on your location or narrowed to any state you like. It would be easier for you to localize the search and give you less-complicated comparison along the way. Take example if you live in Phoenix, you’re likely to find as the most recommended site for excellent breast enhancement in the area. For you to know, Mosharaffa Plastic Surgery has successfully provided advanced cosmetic surgeries with excellent results to countless clients in the area. It becomes reasonable as if more and more people consider Mosharaffa as their favorite destination for excellent breast enhancement Phoenix .

The website will also be a good place for you to learn about breast enhancement procedure and how effective it is to change your look. Imagine how your friends will be surprised on how good you look after you are arrived from your vacation at Phoenix. Their Phoenix plastic surgeons as you can see in this website has already helped many celebrities and ordinary people gain their confidence by fixing misshaped nose, or other type of physical change. Find out more about the options you have and have a better performance after undergoing a plastic surgery with the professional help of professionals at Mosharaffa Plastic Surgery. Visit the website, or make an appointment so you can consult on the best enhancement plan available for you.

Romanian Scientists Create Blood of water, salt and protein Sea Worms

sea worm

sea worm

Undoubtedly blood is one substance that is needed by humans , so their presence is considered very important . Remarkably , scientists from Romania revealed that they have created artificial blood that proved not cause side effects in mice .

The artificial blood is made of water , salts , and proteins known as hemerythrin . Hemerythrin itself is a protein extracted from marine worms . Researchers from the University of Babes – Bolyai ‘s hope their findings could help the lack of blood supply and prevent infections that can occur from the donor .

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Buying Valium Online for Anxiety Treatment

The best thing about exploring online market is that you will find almost everything in it. Know the fact that there are already millions of active online stores today, and the number keeps increasing due to the fact that some new sites are created in everyday. You can even count on the online market for something that you may hardly to find it at local stores, such as prescription drugs.

By entering the right site, you’ll be able to buy any kinds of prescription pills or drugs you needed legally. However, you should carefully choose the online store and consider buying pills from reputable one; otherwise you may ended with illegal pills or even worse get fake medicines that could risk your health instead.

One of the sites we’d recommend you to visit when Buying Valium Online for Anxiety Treatment is Here you can shop the generic valium, Diazepam legally. The site has been supervised by the certified medical expert, which means these are legal medicines you can find at the site. And the purchasing process is also easy to be done that even inexperienced people can easily to buy the valium and make it delivered to their address at no trouble.

When it comes to buy Valium online, you can start it at BuyDiazepam-Online though. This is the most secured place to shop legal valium online, and the process is easy to follow. They accept various credit cards as payment, which it surely will ease anyone who need the medicines. Inside, you can also learn about the drug by simply reading the Valium drug information provided inside. It will inform you everything about the drug, including how it works, side effects, and kinds of conditions the drug is prescribed to. Try the site and buy valium even without leaving the desk.

Causes of Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea

sleep apnea

Not everyone can accept if a roommate or spouse often snore while sleeping . Though this condition can be one symptom of sleep apnea . Even according to Dr . Matthew Mingrone , there are certain people at higher risk of experiencing sleep disorders than others .

One of the chief physician at the Centers Sleep EOS also explains sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorder occurs , but dangerous . Because patients with obstructive sleep apnea ( OSA ) stop breathing frequently during sleep , even up to hundreds of times in night . It is not possible if they will not come back again if never breathable handled .

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The Best Hospital that Delivers Sophisticated Surgery Techniques

We all know that our health is always the top priority so we must do whatever we can to always stay healthy. Immediate health responses are required to solve our health issue and restore our condition as soon as possible before it gets even worse. In some cases surgery is required especially to solve the health problems in the internal organs. People with heart problems for instance in some cases needs to get some type of cardiovascular surgery and of course the cardiovascular surgery must be delivered by the most professional surgeons at the best hospital.

If you’re a person who needs to find the best place where you can meet the most professional surgeons to deliver the best surgery then you’re recommended to visit This website leads you to the Atlantic Hospital that has earned a good reputation to deliver excellent Surgery Berlin Maryland. This hospital is highly committed to provide the best outpatient and inpatient care and is supported by advanced medical technologies to support any surgery operations to solve the health problems of the patients. As one most recommended hospital of course Atlanta Hospital can deliver many different kinds of surgery procedures from thoracic surgery, gynecology surgery to plastic surgery and many more.

What makes this hospital different is that it also offers outpatient surgery where the patient can get the surgery and go home in less than 24 hours. This is because Atlanta Hospital offers the laparoscopy surgery which is faster than the traditional surgery method. The laparoscopy surgery generally requires less incision because the surgeons will insert a tubular endoscope to perform the surgery. With less incisions means the patients would experience less cuts on the skin it will leave only small scars on the skin. You’re very welcomed to visit this website to learn more details about the profile of the Atlanta Hospital, surgeons and other details.

Best Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry from Montreal Dentist

It is important to get the best dental care for the family. We all know that brushing and flossing everyday are not enough to improve oral health and get beautiful smile.  You need to get dental care and treatment to keep your teeth free from problems and get excellent oral health. At this time, people can visit the dentist and get more than just general dental care. If you think you need to improve your smile, you can order cosmetic dentistry as well. Everyone wants to have healthy pearly white smile because it can boost their appearance. Unfortunately, not all of us have it.

The fact is your habit such as smoking, drinking coffee and tea, etc can turn your white teeth into yellow teeth. However, thanks to the new cosmetic dentistry technology because people can get positive change easily today.  It is easy to boost your appearance and beautify your smile. All you have to do is choosing the good reputation Montreal dentist to help you.  Montreal dentists have years of experience in the business.  They know how to give the best dental care and cosmetic dentistry service to you. Clients can get the best cosmetic dentistry that fit their needs and budget.

If you lack of confidence because you have no beautiful Hollywood smile, this is the right time for you to visit the clinic and get best tooth whitening or veneers.  You can order invisalign for your teenager or for you. Besides teeth whitening and invisalign, you can order other cosmetic dentistry treatments such as CEREC, Velscope testing, and implants. You can check previous clients’ testimonial on the website. Fell free to ask question online about their service or request an appointment. Visit dentiste Montréal and get beautiful smile that you want! To know more information, please visit the official website.

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