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The Best Time To Eat Fruit

Do you feel unwell? Maybe you should check the doctor immediately. This article discusses the prevention of illness and keep the body healthy and fit for you to be ready for daily activities cheerfully. For that you must consume vegetables for vitamins and vegetable nutrition can be energy for your bodyy.

Not only vegetables, health experts recommend us to consume fruit every day for the sake of maintaining a healthy body. In the fruits, we can find good nutritionn like fiberr, vitamins, minerals, to various antioxidants that would be beneficial for all the organs in our body. However, a question arises, in fact, is there a best time for us to eat fruit so it can get the benefits to the maximum?

A health expert from Q-Slim Fitness Studio named Pallavi Srivastava says if it’s good we eat fruit 5 times a day. By consuming such a fruit, it is expected we will get good nutrition from the fruit that will make the body healthy, prevent the coming of various diseases, to help the body get enough water intake while preventing dehydrationn. Pallavi himself suggested us to consume fruit like lemonns, oranges, or strawberries if you want to prevent the flu virus attack that feels very disturbing if you experience it. Meanwhile, sweett fruits and rich in fiber like apples, melons, and also pear can help us maintain the health of the digestive system while making the immune system become stronger.

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Salt Therapy to Treat Asthma and respiratory tract

salt therapy

Salt therapy, known as the Salt Chamber Treatment (SCT) or halotherapy probably not much or not many people know. But this therapy was been done since World War II.

As reported Prevention, mine workers and refugees during World War II, hiding in caves salty. Salt was then believed to treat respiratory problems.


This is justified by allergy experts from Finland, Kimmo Saarinen, PhD. According to him, since the old salt therapy is used to treat asthma and other respiratory conditions. It is also common in Eastern Europe and Russia.

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4 Interesting findings about Napping



Nap, in addition to treating sleepiness, this activity effectively restore physical fitness and mind.

But not everyone knows that the nap has the ideal time limit. Too much sleep during the day sometimes not treat sleepiness, but instead trigger dizziness and headache.

There are so many little-known secrets about naps, following some secret:

1. The benefits of napping though not sleepy
There are also some people who are very difficult to fall asleep during the day, especially if it was not sleepy at all. Should not really sleep, Dr. Mednick said that just lay down and closed his eyes for 20 minutes at busy schedules will provide a very significant difference. Fitter bodies, the ability to maintain concentration increased.

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Chemicals in Sunscreen Claimed Can Disturb Male Fertility



The use of sunscreen is recommended especially for those who are frequently exposed to sunlight. However, recent studies indicate if the men, the use of sunscreen also have a negative effect on their fertility.

In a longitudinal study Investigation of Fertility and the Environment (LIFE), researchers say if a specific group of chemicals that are useful filter benzophenone UV rays that can be absorbed through the skin and interfere with fertility hormones in men.

Interestingly, this effect was not seen in women who use sunscreen with benzophenone content. In everyday life, benzophenone is also often used for multiple products shampoos, moisturizers, and cosmetics. For the study, researchers recruited 501 couples who are trying to have a child.

The women aged 18-44 years, while the men aged over 18 years. Since 2005-2009, the researchers observed the lifestyle of each pair, the environment, exposure to chemicals in everyday life, BMI, age, and smoking habits. Urine samples were taken to test their five concentrations of UV filters that were previously shown to disrupt hormones and the endocrine system.

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Yoghurt consumption Regularly Can Lower Risk of Diabetes



Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by high sugar levels. Approximately 90 percent of diabetes cases are type 2 diabetes Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin. As has been reported by, recent research shows that by eating yogurt regularly it can reduce the risk of this disease.

Patients with type 2 diabetes are at higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. The researchers examined approximately 200,000 men and women aged 25-75 for about 30 years, analyzing their health with diet thorough interviews and questionnaires. They found 15 156 cases of type 2 diabetes during the study.


After considering various factors such as age, body mass index, unhealthy habits such as smoking, hypertension, and health and quality of behavior, the researchers finally found that eating yogurt every day can reduce the risk of diabetes up to 18%.

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Q & A with Radhika Khanna


Radhika Khanna

Radhika Khanna

Radhika Khanna is a fashion designer and philanthropist whose Rudrani brand, which includes ready-to-wear clothes, jewelry and incense, became an instant success for its concept of re-cycled clothing when it was launched in 2009. Known for its sophisticated and accessible style, the brand is now available in more than 50 boutiques across the country (and in Rome, London, and Tokyo).
Khanna has battled with Lupus, now she has become a vocal advocate for Lupus research and advocacy. Here she answers questions about her personal commitment.

Most readers will no doubt know you as founder of your fashion companies. But they may not know your role as a passionate advocate and writer of yoga book. Can you describe how you became involved in Lupus advocacy and why it remains a priority for you now?

Lupus has affected the lives of many people around the globe, especially women. For me, it’s personal—I lost 4 years of my own life being affected by it. There is no cure for Lupus and I have done my own holistic research to keep it in remission. When I came back to Manhattan I saw women and men making same mistakes as I did. Having a busy life and following your dreams should always be balanced with healthy lifestyle. That’s why I wrote the book “Yoga for working professionals”

As a working woman, health care-taker and philanthropist, your plate must be overflowing. How do you choose the advocacy efforts with which to become involved?

I am most involved with those that are personal to me, including Lupus advocacy, the latter of which is the focus of my company.

Which lupus-related organizations are you currently working with, and are there any areas within lupus care or research that you’re particularly drawn to as an advocate?

I am very involved with “ Lupus foundation of America “, whose commitment to its research is extraordinary and inspiring. They are so focused on improving the lives of those receiving lupus treatment by medicines and holistically, and I am proud to support them.

What inspires you most as an advocate?

Creating change. There is no greater feeling than making a difference in someone’s life and seeing the positive impact your efforts have made. It heals you eventually as well.

Drinking a cup of coffee can boost memory



There is good news for coffee lovers, because the habit of drinking coffee in small amounts can help boost brain power to sharpen memory.

A study in the USA showed that consuming caffeinated beverages can boost memory. However, both these effects can only be felt after 24 hours after eating the coffee according to research led by Michael Yassa, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences University of Johns Hopkins, Maryland.

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Control your stress



Stress is always there in every aspect of human life . However, the stress should not always be the enemy because stress can actually help out the best potential in you . How can it be ?

According to psychological Stephen Joseph , a professor at the University of Nottingham , one can manage stress and use it in a constructive way to experience tremendous personal growth . Positive stress can provide the impetus to complete the task before the deadline , do more reps in the gym , and also alertness .

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