Radhika Khanna

Radhika Khanna

Radhika Khanna is a fashion designer and philanthropist whose Rudrani brand, which includes ready-to-wear clothes, jewelry and incense, became an instant success for its concept of re-cycled clothing when it was launched in 2009. Known for its sophisticated and accessible style, the brand is now available in more than 50 boutiques across the country (and in Rome, London, and Tokyo).
Khanna has battled with Lupus, now she has become a vocal advocate for Lupus research and advocacy. Here she answers questions about her personal commitment.

Most readers will no doubt know you as founder of your fashion companies. But they may not know your role as a passionate advocate and writer of yoga book. Can you describe how you became involved in Lupus advocacy and why it remains a priority for you now?

Lupus has affected the lives of many people around the globe, especially women. For me, it’s personal—I lost 4 years of my own life being affected by it. There is no cure for Lupus and I have done my own holistic research to keep it in remission. When I came back to Manhattan I saw women and men making same mistakes as I did. Having a busy life and following your dreams should always be balanced with healthy lifestyle. That’s why I wrote the book “Yoga for working professionals”

As a working woman, health care-taker and philanthropist, your plate must be overflowing. How do you choose the advocacy efforts with which to become involved?

I am most involved with those that are personal to me, including Lupus advocacy, the latter of which is the focus of my company.

Which lupus-related organizations are you currently working with, and are there any areas within lupus care or research that you’re particularly drawn to as an advocate?

I am very involved with “ Lupus foundation of America “, whose commitment to its research is extraordinary and inspiring. They are so focused on improving the lives of those receiving lupus treatment by medicines and holistically, and I am proud to support them.

What inspires you most as an advocate?

Creating change. There is no greater feeling than making a difference in someone’s life and seeing the positive impact your efforts have made. It heals you eventually as well.