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The Benefits of Fish For Body Health

Currently there are still many people who think the fish is a regular food and prefer meat because it is considered more nutritious than fish. The assumption is of course very wrong, although the price is cheaper than both marine fish and fresh fish both have a very high nutrient content even exceeds the nutrients in the meat.

In fact Fish contains high protein and low calorie so safe and healthy consumed every day. Other content in fish is omega-3 fatty acids that are needed by the body. to get fish is very easy because it can look for itself by fishing or buying it in the market. There are many types of fish that you can consume according to taste and budget respectively.

#The benefits of eating fish:

Do not be afraid if you eat fish every day because it will not harm you just make you healthier. nutrient content in the fish is quite complete ranging from proteins, minerals, various vitamins terbatung on the type of fish each. you can process fish with recipes according to your taste to be delicious food intriguing. Here are the benefits of eating fish that will be obtained by the body you need to know.

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Low Calorie and Fat Foods

I sure know about Calories. Calorie is the fuel needed by the body to move. If your caloric intake is much higher than the number of calories your body needs then the body will store it as food reserves in the form of fat. Reserve food is stored under the skin so it will make your body look fat.

And therefore, if you want to lose weight, consumption of low-calorie foods is highly recommended. Low-calorie foods are foods that contain fewer calories and are usually rich in other essential nutrients for the body.

Benefits of Low Calorie Foods

Some people think that high-calorie foods must be filling. In fact, this is not entirely true. Many high-calorie foods that in fact do not make you full.

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Drinks That Can Add The Most Fast Body Ion

Addition of body ions is a replacement drink of body fluids lost due to dailyActivities including after completion of exercise.To be able to consume ion-enhancer drinks the body does not have to be purchased from various shops and pharmacies,but can be made yourself by utilizingNatural ingredients around us.

Types of Body Ions

Basically in the body there are several ions that are instrumental in improving the quality of one’s health. If the ion ions are lost then theBody will lose balance.What are the ionic ions of the body?


Calcium (Ca2) is the most abundant metal ion in human bodyTissues including sodium and oxygen. 90% of the calcium is in the body spread in cartilage,hardBones, joints, teeth and nails.


The performance of sodium in the body is controlled and regulated by the hemeostosisMechanism that stabilizes water content,acids and bases in the extracellular fluid of pancreatic tissue, sweat through the pore pores and bile tissue.

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Avoid These Foods After 30 Years Old

Human age is increasing, we have to be aware of any changes in ourselves. But we do not need to worry too much with age. The age of 30 years is an important milestone in one’s life, in which many changes experienced, both physically and mentally. Many studies have claimed that after the age of 30 years, the degeneration of cells in the human body starts, then gradually weakens the immune system, joints, and skin elasticity. If you want to stay healthy after age 30, it must carefully select the food that will be consumed. What we eat today, the impact will come later. Here’s a list of foods that you should avoid after the age of 30 years:

Soft drink
Soft drinks are very popular among adults, especially when out of the house. To note, the research has stated that soft drinks contain high levels of sugar can lead to weight gain easily in people over the age of 30 years. Soft drinks can also affect the quality of the ovaries and sperm which cause fertility problems. Continue reading

A healthy diet for ideal body and toned muscles



Diet is always necessary to note, because women often mistook a few things about the dietary rules. And mealtime is one of the major factor tragedy obesity. If you want to start the day without guilt while still eating healthy foods, the following tips will be very good breakfast followed.

When morning, very good start light exercise, especially if you want to eliminate the wattle in the skin. When morning, according, it experienced a peak of protein breakdown. Because at night you sleep, the stomach is not receiving any food or drink, or also called ‘fasting while’. Well, to help build muscle better, do lift weights for 15 minutes after eating protein foods.

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To Prevent Disease, Is Healthful Foodstuffs Consumed Simultaneously

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

The body needs nutrients from outside the body because of prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals can not be produced by the body. The nutrients can be fruits, vegetables, and others. Natural food is more nutritious and contains antioxidants to prevent disease. For greater benefits, many nutrition experts recommend two healthy foods should be consumed simultaneously. But, the food needs to be combined with the right to support the body, the better the performance. What kind of food is good alloys, can be seen below:

1. Brown Rice, garlic, and shallots
Brown rice is known as a source of low glycemic index carbohydrates. A study conducted Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found levels of sulfur in garlic and red can increase the absorption of zinc and iron from a few grains to maintain metabolism and energy. Continue reading

Orange Peel Many Benefits

You love to eat oranges ? , Orange peel skin while not directly throw away. Did you know many nutrients contained in citrus peel. For example, a medium-sized orange , contains more than 60 different flavonoids and phytonutrients 170 . These nutrients make orange peel can be used for treatment purposes , beauty treatments , until the cooking process . This is a variety of benefits of orange peel .

1 . Relieves stomach acid and improve digestion .
During this time you would think that there was a sour taste in grapefruit can increase stomach acid . It turns out that this is incorrect , essential oils contained in orange peel has anti – microbial and anti – inflammatory . For example, d – limonede essential oil has properties relieve stomach acid and maintain the normal movements of the intestine . This oil can also improve liver function .

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Anti-oxidant foods are good for the body