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Low Calorie and Fat Foods

I sure know about Calories. Calorie is the fuel needed by the body to move. If your caloric intake is much higher than the number of calories your body needs then the body will store it as food reserves in the form of fat. Reserve food is stored under the skin so it will make your body look fat.

And therefore, if you want to lose weight, consumption of low-calorie foods is highly recommended. Low-calorie foods are foods that contain fewer calories and are usually rich in other essential nutrients for the body.

Benefits of Low Calorie Foods

Some people think that high-calorie foods must be filling. In fact, this is not entirely true. Many high-calorie foods that in fact do not make you full.

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Healthy Vegetables Prevent Cancer Risk, Heart & Diabetes

Healthy Vegetables Prevent Cancer Risk, Heart & Diabetes

Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are some of the most kills in the world. Not only kill, this disease is one of the most dreaded diseases and the risk is so great for anyone. Some of these diseases can not be detected with ease symptoms. Therefore, do not be surprised if a lot of people started to improve lifestyle to prevent the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

A new study has found that the active compounds and nutrients in vegetables broccoli is very good for heart health, can kill cancer cells very well and regulate blood sugar in the body to the maximum. Research conducted found that people who are diligent consumption of broccoli servings a day will have a good immune system. They will also avoid the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The active compounds contained in this vegetable is very impressive for health and fitness.

That is, to feel the benefits of broccoli can not be felt very quickly or easily. But, periodically and regularly consume the right amount will certainly help a person avoid the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Not only that. The good news, the consumption of vegetables broccoli regularly with the right amount will also help a person to have body fitter, healthier and more ideal weight. Continue reading

Confront the Rainy Season For Your Health

Hadapi Musin Hujan Bagi Kesehatan Anda

Substitution season sometimes makes us not ready to face the day. Sometimes we baseball so concerned about health and disease, like coughing, runny nose and other cold symptoms. In addition, the decline in baseball erratic rainfall makes us hard traveling because forgot to bring an umbrella. All that baseball will happen if we prepare ourselves.

  • Always ready sweaters
    Time would go out, wear clothes that are comfortable if a rainy day. For example, we prefer to wear sleeveless shirts instead of tank top. Do not forget to bring a jacket or sweater favored us create warm up. Wind in the rainy season usually colder and can carry diseases.
  • Do not skip breakfast!
    Maintaining the health of the rainy season baseball is difficult, really. One important thing is do not forget to make breakfast. We need nutrients that can keep the immune system created through the activities all day.
    drinking mulvitamin.

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Let’s Cycling



If you are lazy to exercise, bicycling can be one exciting sport to try. Cycling will be lighter because without moving your body feels while you have been able to enjoy the scenery around. Whatever you can from cycling? How to choose the appropriate bike?

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Symptoms myoma and How!

Mioma dan Bagaimana Gejalanya!

Myomas, also known as fibromyomas, fibroin and these neoplasms are the most common benign tumor in women. Myoma is one reproductive diseases in women generally occur in the corpus uteri, although in some cases it can also occur in the cervix or the broad ligament. Myomas usually occurs in women over the age of 35. The cause of fibroids is unknown, but excessive levels of estrogen and human hormone (HGH) is expected to affect the formation of tumors by inducing fibromuscular elements.

High estrogen levels increase the size of the tumor and the levels of HGH. When production of estrogen decreases, fibroids will usually shrink, even disappear by itself (usually occurs after menopause). Symptoms caused by this form of uterine disease abdominal pain, submucosal hypermenorrhea (excessive bleeding during menstruation), and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation abnormal).

Treatment for the disease is still small myomas can usually be done by surgical removal. Meanwhile, if the size of the myoma is already enlarged, causing intestinal obstruction, the handling required in the form of hysterectomy. Continue reading

Signs Destructive Diet Body

Tanda Diet Merusak Tubuh

For women who care about appearances, you would think to go on a diet in order to lose weight so it has a slim body ideal and more interesting, right? The diet was not wrong, even very healthy for maintaining ideal body weight will keep you from various diseases.

But do not necessarily apply strict diet inhuman. Know dietary restrictions you do, because the diet is also not too hard either. How do I know you excessive dieting or not, consider the following signs.

  • Avoid all kinds of food
    You must avoid high fat foods low in nutrients such as fried foods, bersantan, snacks and so forth. But that does not mean you can restrict food intake, eating only once a day and with very small portions.

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Disease Kidney Failure

Penyakit Gagal Ginjal

Kidney disease is a disease that kills silently. So called because the symptoms of this disease are often not felt by the sufferer. However, once symptoms can already be felt turns the disease has entered a severe stage. Therefore, early detection is necessary so that the disease can be immediately dealt with appropriately.

Detection of kidney disease can be done by doing three series of tests that are offered at the hospital. The medical tests needed to confirm the diagnosis and plan of treatment stages. So, what are the three series of tests it? Here’s the full review.

  • Blood Pressure Test
    Blood pressure tests are needed to determine the level of your blood pressure. As is known, high blood pressure is the most common cause of kidney failure. If you have high blood pressure, around 140/90 mmHg, then certainly you have hypertension and would be more susceptible to diseases such as kidney failure.

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Tips to Avoid Alzheimer’s Brain

Tips Otak Terhindar Alzheimer

Previously has been discussed that women have the potential doubling more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s than men. This makes the women to be more vigilant and pay attention to your body and mental health.

Not only women who are at greater risk, those with diabetes also have great potential for developing memory disorders to Alzheimer’s. Moreover, you are a woman and have diabetes.

Therefore, the following are ten tips help maintain brain health in order to avoid Alzheimer’s:

1. Sports literature. When you move your body, there are many hormones are released and sufficient exercise can increase the activity and strength of bone, muscle and heart so that better blood flow to the brain.

2. Stop smoke. smoke never bring good effects to health, including to the brain. Cigarettes also be the cause quickly people experiencing dementia and various neurological brain disorders. Continue reading

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