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Hobbies Can Make Your Brain Smarter


Each person will have a different hobby and always feel happy while doing and after doing his hobby. Nowadays, jobs and a solid routine every day is endless. The body will require other activities either by undergoing a hobby that you enjoy doing for relaxation, so the body is able to maintain the balance of life, preventing mental and emotional exhaustion.

Instead of wasting time on a hobby that does not help the mental and physical, you should start investing your time in activities that can improve productivity.

This hobbies will inspire and be able to make your brain smarter:
1. Meditation
Lots of studies showing that meditation has many health benefits for the body and brain. Meditation is able to direct the brain to focus on something, alter the brain that help to regain emotional control, as well as create a mood for the better. Continue reading

Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

Stroke disease can not be ignored. It happened suddenly that often make sufferers often can not be saved.According to neurologiststroke occurs because there is a process that becomes a trigger such as an unhealthy lifestyle or family history.

If you have risk factors, do not ignore some of the signs and symptoms of stroke following:

1. Sudden weak throughout the body

2. Sudden numbness or tingling the whole body

3. Sudden obliqueface

4. Sudden disturbances of vision (visual)

5. Sudden speech disorders (slurred, can not talk or communication is not disconnected)

6. Suddenly unconscious (fainting)

7. Suddenly balance disorders (vertigo) Continue reading

This is a result of If Not Diligent Toothbrushes

Ini Akibat Jika Tak Rajin Sikat Gigi

Do you know when the time is right to brush your teeth every day? Brushing teeth is actually done after breakfast and at night before sleeping, not while you’re showering. If you underestimate this case, it is not only problematic tooth but also other organs are also feeling the effects. So, what’s your excuse for not diligently brushing your teeth?

Brushing teeth to help cleanse the bacteria that exist in between the teeth and oral cavity after various kinds of food into the mouth. Before going to bed, make sure your teeth are clean and your mouth so that bacteria do not develop into much and damage the teeth and gum. The correct way to cleanse the mouth is used with liquid gargle mouthwash for 1-2 minutes, then continue by brushing. During this time, many are brushing their teeth first and rinse. Apparently, the good done is to rinse out that all the dirt in between the teeth can be softened and easy to clean when you’re brushing your teeth.

If you now know how best to clean the mouth and teeth, what if you ignore all of this and do not know what are the dangers that you can get when the mouth and gum not cleaned properly every day? Continue reading

How to Treat Headaches

Cara Mengobati Sakit Kepala

Headache, including migraine can affect anyone. Headaches can be caused by several things, could be as tired even because of the influence of stress. Medications for headaches are sold freely, but you do not have to worry there are some natural ways to relieve your headache as follows :

  • Lavender oil
    You can apply lavender oil on the head of the sick. In addition you can inhale steam applied lavender, how simmer two to three cups of water and pour a few drops of lavender oil, deep inhale fumes. Soothing sensation will make you relax.
  • Oil Pappermint
    This fresh-smelling oil have contraction that can relieve headaches. Contraction can your blood circulation, as we all know headache often occurs due to blood circulation in the body is not smooth.

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Skin Cancer Facts

skin cancer

Skin cancer is one type of cancer that is quite a lot of casualties. Various prevention has been widely disseminated. Among these are the diligent use of sunscreen, diligently checking black stains that may appear on the skin, and wear a wide-brimmed hat if the sun was scorching-hot. Various studies conducted to date, revealing new facts, which you may not know.

The following is the full explanation, as follows:

  • Curry and Caffeine Can Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer
    You’re lucky if you like to drink coffee and eat curry, as both can help protect your skin. One study found that people who drink a lot of coffee, have a lower risk to the growth of carcinoma cells, a type of skin cancer. And turmeric, one of the materials used in curry, contains, an antioxidant compound that has anti-cancer effect, so as to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer and breast cancer.
  • SPF 100 Not 100%
    Sunscreen with SPF 100 actually can not 100% protect your skin from causing skin cancer. A maximum of only 98%, if used correctly. Sunscreen with SPF above 30 can protect your skin for about 95% of the causes of skin cancer. Even then, if you reuse once every 2 hours.

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Color Meaning Tongue About Your Body Health


Your body always gives a signal if the body is experiencing problems or health problems, and one of the organs that can provide such a signal is the tongue. The tongue can change color according to the condition of the body.

There are some colors that can be seen from the tongue and showed about the state of your body, as described below:

1. Red tongue
Abnormal body heat will make the tongue to swell and appear more red. This signifies that you are experiencing fever, dengue fever, it could be due to a lack of vitamins such as vitamin B-12 and vitamin B3 or mineral deficiency in iron so that the tongue is reddish.

2. Black tongue
It is a condition of the body can be dangerous because the tongue numb, this indicates that part of your oral cavity is not clean and can be trapped and bacteria growing along the surface of the tongue to form dark patches on the tongue. Smoking and drinking lots of coffee can also be a reason for the black color of the tongue or a variety of other bad eating habits.

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5 Causes of Kidney Disorders

penyakit ginjal

Mostly, cases of progressive kidney damage is also accompanied with other chronic diseases in the long run. In the medical world, it is often the case, and they call it the case of complications.

Here are five cases of chronic disease that causes kidney failure should be aware.

1. Diabetes
Patients with chronic renal failure is usually accompanied with a history of diabetes 1 and 2. If the patient’s diabetes is not well controlled, it is more likely to have an excess of sugar (glucose) which will accumulate in the blood, so it can eventually damage the glomeruli. Meanwhile, the risk of chronic renal failure was higher among patients with type 1 diabetes doctor said, approximately 20 percent to 40 percent of patients with type 1 diabetes is developing kidney disease by the time they are 50 years old.

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5 Chemicals Clogging Vein!

pembuluh darah

Exposure to chemical substances around us have a mild impact on health. One is led to blockage of blood vessels.
Know what chemicals should be avoided.

1. Food cans and plastic
In the product contained a substance called bisphenol-A (BPA). This substance is often referred to as a hormone disruptor for damaging healthy hormone function. BPA also mimic the effects of estrogen, increases the risk of prostate and breast cancer, and obesity. Which has not been known, BPA can also increase the risk of heart disease. One of the studies have linked high levels of BPA in the blood with an increased risk of plaque buildup which if broken could lead to a sudden heart attack and this often becomes fatal.Untuk avoid this contamination, you can buy cans of food or water bottles are marked with the label “BPA- free “. Another thing to do is to not touch the receipt is printed on thermal paper.

2. Body care products
Beware of Phthalates in body care products. These chemicals can also disrupt hormonal causes the production of a low sperm count, birth defects, obesity, and diabetes. The content of phthalates in the blood can increase the risk of blockage in the arteries. Recent studies have also connects between hypertension in children with phthalate content in the blood. More than 50 medical papers also connect phthalates with cardiovascular problems. This contamination can be prevented by avoiding the use of pungent fragrance lotions and other personal care products.

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