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What Is Functional Medicine and How Does It Work?

It’s definitely a really good thing to know how the awareness of the people towards their own health condition is getting better and better nowadays. Perhaps, it’s all triggered by the fact that there are so many health problems at these recent times. More and more diseases are getting recognized and some of them were never heard of before. At the same time, the lifestyle of the people nowadays can be said to be quite far away from being healthy. Stress level, drinking habit, lack of sleep, and other things make us suffer even more. Sure, the development in the field of medical is also even greater. However, whether we realize it or not, such development seems to be left behind compared to the “development” of the health problem itself. It seems the medical world is having a hard time catching up to the health problems.

You need to know how the medicines you take to cope with your health problems actually only work with the problems and the problems only. It doesn’t really deal with the source. For instance, if you catch a cold, the medicine will only work in taking care of the symptoms like headache, sneezing, and pain. However, the medicine doesn’t work on strengthening the body to make sure that we can be more immune to such condition. And that’s only a simple example. What actually happens in the society nowadays is actually even more complicated and terrifying. We really need to start changing the way we think about our health condition along with the health problems. We need to cope with the condition of the body and try our best to make it like what it used to be instead of just taking care of the current health problems that we suffer. However the problem is: most people don’t really have any idea about what to do when it comes to the matter above. What should really be done to make our bodies more immune to health problems? Well, have you ever heard about functional medicine?

At this point, some of you might think that it’s just the same with the other medicines. What’s the difference then if we are still talking about medicines? Well, basically it’s different. Whenever you are dealing with functional medicine, you don’t just merely take medicine. There are some treatments done before and after you take the medicine. Therefore, it will give more thorough impact to the whole health condition of the body. How can you get such functional medicine? You can basically just visit for more info. This service is totally different from the other chiropractor services and the things mentioned above related to the functional medicine are what make it different. You will get thorough investigation about your own health condition starting from your lifestyle choice, your environment condition, your genetic situation, and many other things which are related to the history of how your current health condition is shaped. And with those things in mind, more proper treatments can be undergone to give better effect to your health. You will not only get healthier but you will also be more resistant to the problems. You can also expect to lose weight, have greater spirit, and many other positive things.

Side Effects of Paracetamol for the Body

Paracetamol is a type of drug that is often used to reduce feverHeat in general. This drug is quite famous because it is almost all people regardless of age can consume them.

If usually pregnantWomen are advised not to take drugs indiscriminately, then for Paracetamol is actually legitimate if used by pregnant or lactating mothers.These drugs can even be obtained and consumed without a prescription.To get it is very easy in pharmacies or drugstores nearby, then you can get it at any time when require.

Paracetamol is a type of painkiller and in addition to being a hot drug fever,many people use this medicine to relieve headaches, toothache,to pain in muscles and joints. However, is this drug safe and what are the side effects of Paracetamol when the use can be without a prescription?

Drugs with other names acetaminophen is still included in the category of analgesicDrugs as well as antipyretics.The way this paracetamol works is as an inhibitor for weak prostaglandins. In essence, the production of prostaglandins will be inhibited by paracetamol and become chemicals that play a role in the process of sending messages of pain / pain to the organs of the brain.

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How to Overcome Vaginal Odor In

Cara Mengatasi Bau Pada Vagina

Vaginal odor, often experienced by women. Causes could smell due to bacteria, fungal infections, the pattern was not clean and hormonal changes.

But you need not worry, if you remove the vaginal odor you can do some of the following ways :

  • Apple Vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial, which can eliminate the odor in the vagina. You can mix apple cider vinegar in warm water and use it to wash your feminine area.
  • Baking Soda
    Baking soda is useful as Ph balance in your body. If the Ph balance the odor in your vagina will disappear. You can mix baking soda in warm water, and use to soak.

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5 Chemicals Clogging Vein!

pembuluh darah

Exposure to chemical substances around us have a mild impact on health. One is led to blockage of blood vessels.
Know what chemicals should be avoided.

1. Food cans and plastic
In the product contained a substance called bisphenol-A (BPA). This substance is often referred to as a hormone disruptor for damaging healthy hormone function. BPA also mimic the effects of estrogen, increases the risk of prostate and breast cancer, and obesity. Which has not been known, BPA can also increase the risk of heart disease. One of the studies have linked high levels of BPA in the blood with an increased risk of plaque buildup which if broken could lead to a sudden heart attack and this often becomes fatal.Untuk avoid this contamination, you can buy cans of food or water bottles are marked with the label “BPA- free “. Another thing to do is to not touch the receipt is printed on thermal paper.

2. Body care products
Beware of Phthalates in body care products. These chemicals can also disrupt hormonal causes the production of a low sperm count, birth defects, obesity, and diabetes. The content of phthalates in the blood can increase the risk of blockage in the arteries. Recent studies have also connects between hypertension in children with phthalate content in the blood. More than 50 medical papers also connect phthalates with cardiovascular problems. This contamination can be prevented by avoiding the use of pungent fragrance lotions and other personal care products.

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Some Benefits of Managed Stress With Both


Humans certainly sometimes face pressure that makes so stressed. It is inevitable and unavoidable.

However, not to worry, stress can be controlled can have a positive impact over the body providing resistance to stress.

Manage your stress well and get the following benefits such as:

1. Stimulate the brain’s ability

No need to worry if the stress is still at relatively low levels. Because it can actually stimulate the production of brain chemicals called neurotrophins, and improve the network between neurons in the brain. When stress can be the main mechanism used to improve the productivity and concentration exercises.

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Medicines Are Just Clicks Away From You

Today, you can find almost everything on the internet. You can find information, games, or even entertaining stuffs. Besides, you can also buy what you exactly need instantly via online, including medicines and drugs. The presence of online pharmacies surely is helpful for some people, especially those whom facing troubles in finding specific drugs they needed locally. And going online will be their best alternative choice.

And aside of what people think about purchasing drugs online, there are many online pharmacies out there that are also known to be trustable and has excellent reputation in the field. That means shopping drugs online is can be as safest as if we purchased it offline, as long as we go to the right store. If you’re new on these stuffs, it is strongly recommended for you to check the online pharmacy’s reputation and their track record just to make sure you’re dealing with the trusted stores.

About the shipping cost, people shouldn’t too worry about it. The fact is that most online pharmacies are offering much cheaper pricing compared to the offline drugstores, so that even if the initial price is accumulated to the shipping cost, it’s still cheaper than if you purchased it locally. Some online pharmacies are also offering fast delivery service in which you can get the needed drugs the next day after your order date.

Another advantage of purchasing drugs via online is privacy. We all know how embarrassing it could be for us to enter the drugstore in order to buy antidepressant or Viagra. And now you can avoid all these inconveniences by considering going online.

Some online pharmacies like understands that and ensure you to get full privacy on any drug you purchased. And as part of their privacy terms, the online pharmacy will also wrap your Viagra at disclosed package and won’t mention what is inside, so that only the store and you know exactly what is inside. This way, you will not feel embarrassed to the delivery man.

And yes, if you’re new on these online pharmacy purchases, this Ok-Pharm Health Blog is can be a good place to start. They have provided excellent service along the years of their business operation, which you can see it from the positive feedback given by their previous customers. You can see the testimonials from the site. They have wide range collections of generic Viagra to choose from and guaranteed for cheapest prices in the market.

Some types of headaches and how to overcome them



Headache was the most frequent health problems complained of everyone. Different headaches , also different ways of treatment . It is therefore important to recognize the types of headaches .

Here are 5 types of headache are the most commonly occurring and ways of treatment :

1 . Tension headaches
Tension headaches are the types of headaches are the most common . Sufferers will feel constant pain or pressure around the head , especially on the temples or back of the head and neck . Not as severe as migraines , tension headaches usually do not cause nausea or vomiting , and rarely stop daily activities .

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Dealing With Hot Flashes as Natural Symptom of Menopause

There will always be the time when every woman has to deal with menopause. While the age when the menopause come is varies between one to another woman, it’s physical and mental impacts remains the same. Most women become really frustrated as they realized they are getting closer and closer to menopause age. In other word, they frightened to know they are approaching the age of menopause, simply because in menopause age they will no longer able to enjoy their life, while the fact that is not true. Anyone can still enjoy the most of their life during menopause age. Simply because menopause only affects on the physical and productivity, without anything it would impact to someone’s happiness.

Among all the things that are known as symptoms of menopause age, hot flashes have always becoming a concern to many women. The sign of hot flashes symptom are including the excessive heat feeling in facial area, rapid heartbeat, sleep and perspiration problems, reddish face and neck areas, cold chills, and many other minor signs.

The sleep problems happen because of the heat they feel during the night, that causes excessive sweating. Hot flashes are usually occurred during perimanopause period. For one to another signs, many women find it really frustrating and that is the reason why many consider menopause will prevent them from enjoying their life like they used to be.

Even though these symptoms are natural, but still there are actually things we can do to relieve these inconveniences caused by hot flashes. There are home remedies you can try to reduce the inconveniences, such as treatment using Black Cohosh extract. By taking Black Cohosh extract for about 80mg a day, it believed able to reduce hot flashes significantly. Other homemade remedies you can try is using extract of Belladona, Soy, Chinese Angelica, Lachesis, and also daily consumption of vitamin E.

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