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Caring for and Maintaining Vaginal Health

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The vagina is the female reproductive organs that have a very important role. For example, a normal delivery in which the baby out of the vagina. However, some women often assume vaginal hygiene is not something that is too important so often cause some disease in this part of the female sex.

Vagina is located in a very humid and allow bacteria or fungus growing in it if it is not kept clean. Well here are some ways to care for and maintain the cleanliness of the vagina:

  • Wash your vagina every day, but do not use any soap. Because, washing the vagina with feminine hygiene products can disturb the level of acidity (pH) and kill good bacteria in the vagina.
  • Do it gently washes the vagina start of the labia (lips of the vagina) to the clitoral area.

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Cocaine is Still Actively Ruining Lives in the New Century

I grew up as a young adult in the 1980s. Back then a lot of people causally used cocaine. I was not into drugs and never even tried the stuff. However, I knew friends who got hooked on it. They played the big financial games and lived hard. I watched the drug ruin more than one of them. I never thought it would hit our family. After the 80s came and went, I thought that the popularity of cocaine went too. The big thing around here is heroin, but my younger sister needed cocaine addiction rehab to kick her habit.

She was not a financial executive trying to play in the big markets. She was not a strung out musician or Hollywood actress with family issues either. She was a mom in the suburbs. Her neighbor sold pills to maintain their buying lifestyle and used cocaine to keep up the pace. Continue reading

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