sleep apnea

sleep apnea

Not everyone can accept if a roommate or spouse often snore while sleeping . Though this condition can be one symptom of sleep apnea . Even according to Dr . Matthew Mingrone , there are certain people at higher risk of experiencing sleep disorders than others .

One of the chief physician at the Centers Sleep EOS also explains sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorder occurs , but dangerous . Because patients with obstructive sleep apnea ( OSA ) stop breathing frequently during sleep , even up to hundreds of times in night . It is not possible if they will not come back again if never breathable handled .

To that end , Dr. . Mingrone also explained some of the factors that may increase the risk of sleep apnea in someone like Huffingtonpost reported , following .

a. obesity
It seems this is the most risk factors indicates a high risk of sleep apnea are overweight . In fact according to WebMD , obese adults seven times greater chance of suffering from OSA compared to his colleagues that normal weight .

” OSA is basically a blockage of the upper airway . Majority of these channels collapse and obstruct the course of oxygen . Excess weight also increased the pressure on the line , so that the diameter of the opening of the channel becomes increasingly smaller , ” said Mingrone .

b . neck circumference
People who have a neck circumference greater than the average not the only people who are overweight , but also professional athletes like bodybuilding athletes . But keep in mind a man with a neck circumference of more than 17 inches and 15 inches for women at higher risk of developing OSA .

c . age
Sleep apnea can occur at any age , but according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute , this condition can be worse if the patient is older .

” In our age , we lose elasticity of the respiratory tract as part of the aging process . Given the weakening process of natural tissue in the throat , then the chances of a collapse in the respiratory tract will also be higher , ” said Mingrone .

d . family history
” Not that sleep apnea is caused by genetic factors in families as well as certain types of cancer . Thing there is you tend to inherit certain physical aspects that can increase your risk of sleep apnea , ” said Mingrone .

For example, if your mother suffer from sleep apnea and you inherit his jaw wide , it is not impossible if one day you should see a doctor to solve the same conditions .

e . consumption of alcohol
” Because of its muscle flexing , alcohol consumed too close to bedtime can cause multiple episodes of sleep apnea , even to someone who does not suffer from OSA , ” said Mingrone .

Even according to information from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism , the people who suffer from OSA , alcohol can prolong the duration of each episode of their sleep apnea .

f . race
Several studies have shown variations of risk and severity of sleep apnea experienced by one person to another is determined by race . ” It could be due to differences in the anatomy of the respiratory tract among different ethnic or racial , ” Mingrone guess .

g . smoking habits
A study conducted in 2001 found active smokers 2.5 times greater risk of suffering from OSA compared the combination between smokers and nonsmokers .

” Smoking causes most of the respiratory tract so swollen . Swelling in the nose and throat was ultimately narrowed the space for the course of the air , ” said Mingrone .

h . sex
American Lung Association revealed that middle-aged men at risk two times more likely to suffer from OSA than women of the same age . Patients woman who owned his own Mingrone recorded at around 15-20 percent . This can occur because of differences in anatomy , especially since most bodies of men much more than women .

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