Men and women in bed

Men and women in bed

All the pleasure is often associated with a dilemma, including matters of sex and orgasm. Many thoughts can make people hard to reach peak enjoyment of sex, the opposite can also make a man orgasm amnesia.

In some cases, a person could sudden memory loss or amnesia when reaching orgasm. It’s not permanent, but it is quite worrying because it can last for hours and had to be rushed to the hospital.

In 2011 for example, a woman 54 years in Washington suddenly forget everything while having sex. The entire memory of the last 24 hours is completely gone, even he was unable to remember what he was doing with her husband.

Other cases have been reported in 1998, which hit two men, each aged 72 years and 75 years. Just like a woman from Washington earlier, the second man also lost his memory in a few hours after sex.

In medical terms, memory loss or temporary amnesia which is called Transient Global Amnesia (TGA). Although in some cases have been reported after an orgasm, this case can also occur when doing other things such as playing ping-pong.

According to experts, these symptoms can occur because of the sympathetic nervous aktiviasi experience when doing something such as having sex. This process causes excess pressure on the blood vessels in the brain leading to memory center, so that part is scrambled in the function of this disorder.

“TGA is caused by randomizing the memory circuits in the brain, sometimes triggered by physical or emotional factors,” said Dr. Carol Lippa, a professor of neurology at Drexel University Medical School, as quoted by USA Today, Sunday (01/07/2012).

Luckily, this disorder is generally not harmful and will heal by itself within a few hours later. Moreover, this case is relatively rare because it only occurs between 3-5 cases of about 100,000 people who have sex.

In fact, several other studies have shown that people who thought it hard to reach orgasm. This means that sometimes had to choose, not hard to orgasm as much on my mind or forgotten memories all because of easement orgasm?