Smoking is known to be bad for health, including death. Known worldwide cigarette consumption is concerned, is expected in 2030, deaths from tobacco 8 million per year.

The international study found two-fifths of men in developing countries still smoke or use tobacco and the number of young women who smoked increased. It has been showed the presence of an alarming pattern of use tambakau.

Despite anti-smoking measures has been done around the world such as regulations banning smoking in public places, advertising bans and warning of health hazards through the pictures, but in most countries still show a low level of smoking cessation.

“Although the 1.1 billion people have been involved in the implementation of tobacco policy since 2008, but 83 percent of the world’s population do not get 2 or 3 of this policy,” said Gary Giovino of the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions, New York, as quoted by FoxNews, Saturday (08/18/2012).

World Health Organization (WHO) said that tobacco has killed up to half of its users. This is because smoking can cause lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease, a major risk factor for heart disease, and become the number one cause of death.

Tobacco has killed about 6 million people per year worldwide, including more than 600,000 non-smokers who died from exposure to secondhand smoke. If this trend continues, then in 2030 is estimated tobacco kills 8 million people annually.

“Without immediate action, the use of tobacco could kill 1 billion of the population. We urge countries to act now and address the existing crisis,” said Matthew L Myers, president, US-based Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Currently there are an estimated 301 million tobacco users in China and India followed by the nearly 275 million. Other countries involved in this study are Bangladesh, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay and Vietnam.

The researchers revealed an increase in tobacco use among young women, it also needs special attention. Approximately 64 percent of people use cigarettes are manufactured, while others are still using traditional means such as chewing tobacco.