You must have known about the dangers of smoking . In addition to causing cancer and respiratory disorders , smoking was also changing our appearance . But despite that , still many active smokers who are around us .

An organization called the Cancer Society of Finland reveal the dangers of smoking in a few photos. There they show the terrible effects of smoking on one’s appearance . It turns out cigarettes can change one’s appearance becomes more ugly .

Photo revealed by Cancer Society of Finland shows the face of a woman and a man . Within a few years , cigarette drastically change their appearance . Smokers will experience a buildup of fat in some parts of the body , have skin that is dry and not healthy , as well as experiencing a serious acne problem .

This change occurred because of the chemicals in cigarettes causes the skin elasticity is reduced so easily chapped skin . Another problem is overweight or obese . In addition , another problem that is quite annoying is acne . Acne on smokers tend to die hard .

These images were made by the body and used as a Tobacco information and advertising to reduce the level of smoking in the community . This method visits more effective and successful than others according to a study conducted in Australia in 2011 .

However , the picture is made ??to show the impact of hazards from a cigarette . Cigarettes will slowly change its appearance and your life as seen in the picture . For those of you who smoke you please consider about the dangers of smoking , not only for you , but also for the people around us . By quitting smoking , you not only help yourself, but you become a helper for others and your environment .

Now if you want to quit smoking, easy way to do this would be to start using electronic cigarettes which does not burn tobacco and they are specifically made to quit the smoking of traditional cigarettes. You can also buy e-cigarettes online on stores like
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” The best man is the greatest benefit to those around him . “