sport drink

sport drink

In a variety of sports drink advertising on the television or other mass media, consumers are often treated to images of a number of people who exercise activity and fatigue when the commercials are going to drink sports drinks.

But a group of researchers from Oxford University less agree with the sports drink ad jargon that many scattered in various media. After exercising, the better to drink water only, researchers say.

“Consuming such products will only make you have to exercise more, play more football or to the gym more often because the calorie content is pretty big,” said Dr. Matthew Thompson of the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine as reported by the Telegraph.

A number of products in the UK’s leading sports drink such as Lucozade Energy (380 ml) contains 266 calories or other products that use artificial sweeteners, Lucozade Body Fuel (500 ml) containing 135 calories.

This conclusion is obtained Dr. Thompson and his colleagues after observing 431 marketing claims related to an increase in physical performance in the use of 104 sports products, including sports drinks and protein shakes.

In fact, many manufacturers of sports drinks can not show proof for his claim, although GlaxoSmithKline is able to provide evidence of 174 files for one of its products that is Lucozade. But of the many claims, the researchers could find only three studies of high quality with low risk of bias related to the effectiveness of sports drinks to increase endurance or energy recovery after exercise.

This study also suggests that sports drinks are the most commonly marketed with claims to increase endurance, but beyond that researchers insist that this evidence could not in relevance to everyone because the testing can only be done on the athletes, not ordinary people.

Responding to this study, a spokesman for the British Soft Drinks Association said, “sports drinks products have nutrition information included on the label, including calorie content. Existence of this product was to help people who exercise regularly so that the performance is better and recover faster, and encourage people people to exercise more. ”

“But can not be denied if one of the factors that can help improve sports performance drink that is exactly the right amount,” he added.


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