prevent prostate cancer

prevent prostate cancer

Prostate owned by a man prone to inflammation and cancer . Therefore every man must know exactly how to maintain the health of one of their most important organ of this .

The team of researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston claim there is a simple way to protect men from prostate cancer . How was none other than hours of sleep.

According to them , a man of his considerable 75 percent lower risk of prostate cancer is deadly because they are contained in the body of the sleep hormone melatonin or high .

This is not due to any hormone melatonin helps manage one’s sleep cycle and affects various body functions related to kirkardian rhythm .

Researchers have confirmed these findings by testing the levels of melatonin 928 men from Iceland , then their health condition is continuously monitored for seven years . It turns out that 111 participants were diagnosed with prostate cancer , including 24 people whose cancer has reached an advanced stage .

” Lack of sleep and other factors can affect the amount or even inhibit the secretion of melatonin production altogether . Though many health problems associated with low melatonin in the body , sleep disorders and circadian rhythm disruption in the body , including the risk of cancer , ” said lead researcher Sarah Markt .

In a separate study involving 572 prostate cancer patients also revealed their faster tempo goes before diagnosed opportunity to gain a better prognosis .

In other words, the researcher seeks to convey that men are actively engaged despite prostate cancer risk is smaller for relapse and death .

” They have more blood vessels and larger in their tumors , so it is easy to treat , ” says the researcher .

Even so , both of these findings still need further research to ascertain and explain the mechanism of these two factors ( melatonin levels and physical activity ) in a decrease or increase the severity of prostate cancer .

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