There will always be the time when every woman has to deal with menopause. While the age when the menopause come is varies between one to another woman, it’s physical and mental impacts remains the same. Most women become really frustrated as they realized they are getting closer and closer to menopause age. In other word, they frightened to know they are approaching the age of menopause, simply because in menopause age they will no longer able to enjoy their life, while the fact that is not true. Anyone can still enjoy the most of their life during menopause age. Simply because menopause only affects on the physical and productivity, without anything it would impact to someone’s happiness.

Among all the things that are known as symptoms of menopause age, hot flashes have always becoming a concern to many women. The sign of hot flashes symptom are including the excessive heat feeling in facial area, rapid heartbeat, sleep and perspiration problems, reddish face and neck areas, cold chills, and many other minor signs.

The sleep problems happen because of the heat they feel during the night, that causes excessive sweating. Hot flashes are usually occurred during perimanopause period. For one to another signs, many women find it really frustrating and that is the reason why many consider menopause will prevent them from enjoying their life like they used to be.

Even though these symptoms are natural, but still there are actually things we can do to relieve these inconveniences caused by hot flashes. There are home remedies you can try to reduce the inconveniences, such as treatment using Black Cohosh extract. By taking Black Cohosh extract for about 80mg a day, it believed able to reduce hot flashes significantly. Other homemade remedies you can try is using extract of Belladona, Soy, Chinese Angelica, Lachesis, and also daily consumption of vitamin E.