Your smile is the first impression people often get of you. It’s how you greet new people, old friends and it shares your personality. When your smile is not quite what you want it to be, your confidence can be low. There are new treatments that can help you get that smile you want with little trouble. One of those procedures is having dental veneers placed on your teeth.

Take a look to see what these are and how they are applied to your teeth. Here you will discover what they are and what you can expect if this is the route you choose.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are basically a very thin covering that goes on the front of your tooth. It can help improve your smile if your teeth have been discolored for some reasons. Those who suffer from having too much fluoride, certain medications or root canal discolorations can get their bright white smile back. It is also used if you have chipped or broken teeth or teeth that are uneven in shape. The veneer is made of porcelain typically but can also be made from resin composite.

How Do They Work?

When you get veneers it usually requires a three trip visit to the dentist. The first trip to the dentist is for a consultation to discover the right treatment plan for you. On that first visit you will typically have x-rays and possibly impressions made of your teeth. The next visit your dentist will prepare your tooth by removing a very small portion of the enamel on your tooth. They will then fit the veneer to your tooth temporarily to make sure how to shape the tooth. They will adjust it and fix it to fit before applying it permanently to your tooth. Once the shape and fit is right they will apply a special light to the veneer which bonds it to your tooth. This light makes the cement react quickly to hold to your tooth. Once that is bonded your dentist may want you to come back for a follow up to check the fit and how your mouth is reacting to the presence of the veneer.

These are less invasive ways of getting that bright white smile you are after. For those who have broken or chipped teeth, discolored teeth or just need help with their smile, these may be the answer for you. You can have a better bite and a pretty smile at the same time. These veneers are a great way to cover the discolorations that come from medicines or even from a previous root canal.

Talk with your dentist about veneers and see if they are right for your situation. Each situation is different and together with your dentist you can get a treatment plan that works for you. Be sure to ask questions and find the right plan that fits your needs. You can have that bright beautiful smile of yours in no time. Regain your confidence today by talking with your dentist.

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