sad man

sad man

Sexual disorders such as impotence or erectile dysfunction is one of the most feared disease among men. This is because such interference can degrade the quality of life. Impotence can also be triggered because of a man suffering from the disease. What are the illness?

Impotence can reduce the quality of life because he was not able to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse with a partner. As a result, her partner will not get full satisfaction in intercourse and can lower self-esteem and confidence men.

Impotence can be caused by two things: the physical and psychological factors. In Indonesia causes the most exposed to a male impotence is caused by physical factors, such as age, certain diseases, alcohol consumption, smoking, had hip surgery and decreased body weight or go up drastically.

“The penis is a muscle rather than blood vessels, so blood flow to the penis if disturbed by a particular disease then that person is likely to experience erectile dysfunction or impotence,” said Prof. Dr. Dr. Wimpie Pangkahila, Sp.And, FAACS in the event Maximizing You: 10 years of MagniVicent Satisfaction, in Akmani Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (8/12/2009).

Some diseases that can lead a man experiencing impotence is a disease of diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, peripheral blood vessels as well as a result of smoking. Because the penis is a blood vessel, then that could trigger the disease usually associated with a disturbance in the person’s blood vessels.

Spoken by Prof. Wimpie earned about 60 percent of patients with coronary heart disease have erectile dysfunction, men who smoke by 50 percent, people with high blood pressure by 52 percent, peripheral blood vessel disease by 80 percent, high cholesterol by 40 percent and male men are depressed by 90 percent.

“If the cause of erectile problems is the presence of certain illnesses suffered by these men, the illness must be treated first and take medication for erection problems,” said Head of the Andrology and Sexology Medical Faculty Udayana University, Bali.

Average of the causes of this disease is caused by changes in lifestyle such as smoking. It seems almost everyone knows that smoking can cause impotence. This is because the cigarette releases nicotine substances and other substances that may be inhibiting the blood vessels. If the body’s blood vessels are blocked, it is definitely flow into the penis may be distracted that can cause people to experience impotence.

So also with heart disease are usually caused by a blocked blood vessel, while the excess cholesterol in the body will form piles of fat in the blood vessels which hampered him. Thus begins a treatment for impotence cure to the disease trigger.

“It used to be a treatment for erectile dysfunction surgery or injections in the penis, but is now done through the treatment of drug taken in the hope of working all the time and did not take long,” said Prof. Wimpie.

The main purpose of impotence treatment is to improve erections in order to more optimally so as to provide sexual satisfaction for men and their partners. Optimal erection hardness if the penis is completely hard and tense.

The most widely used drug for impotence treatment Viagra is known by the name of which was found in 1998. Drug discovery is regarded as a second sexual revolution after the first sexual revolution took place in 1960. The discovery in the year of contraception for women.

However, the use of the drug viagra should be by prescription and are not included in the sale of free drug. Although in reality many stores that sell these drugs without known whether the drug is genuine or fake. Viagra can cause harm if taken with heart drugs containing nitrates, because the resulting effect can be mutually reinforcing.

So if you want to avoid this impotence disease, should avoid the various diseases that can trigger it. Also, do a healthy lifestyle with diligent exercise, eat right and keep cigarettes and alcohol.